Super Mario RPG Gets a Switch Remake!

Super Mario RPG Gets a Switch Remake!

On a normal day, no one would ever expect to see a Super Mario RPG remake. Indeed, with the classic game featuring characters still owned by Square Enix and a style completely at odds with Mario’s modern day image, it was all but expected that the game was dead and buried, with the only signs of life being the occasion rerelease on a Virtual Console equivalent.

However, as it turns out, that’s not the case! Why? Because as the title suggests, a full remake of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch this year! Here’s a trailer showing the game in action:

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As you can see, it’s a beautiful looking game. With graphics that resemble a modern version of the original complete with pseudo isometric area maps, the game’s staying as far away from the generic NSMB style as you can get.

And it’s not compromising on the originality either. Nope, this game seems to have every bit of charm from the original title. The unique Toads and Mushroom Kingdom characters with individual appearances and clothing styles?

They’re all in, and look exactly as they did in the SNES days. No generic Paper Mario style Toads here!

And all the original characters and enemies introduced by Square are present and accounted for too. The Smithy Gang, Croco, all those unique mooks we never saw in any previous or future instalments of the series… they’re all here, and they all have their unique designs and personalities to go with them.

So if you were ever worried it’d be like the Mario & Luigi remakes where a whole bunch of unique characters and enemy designs got cut, that’s not the case. There are no generic Mario enemies replacing unique ones here, nor elements copied from later Mario games in place of the originals.

It’s all as it was in the 90s, except with graphics on par with other titles in the Switch era.

Same goes for the music too. Yep, just like in the Mario & Luigi remakes, Yoko Shimomura is rearranging her original work here, meaning we’ll be able to hear the likes of Forest Maze remastered in all its glory.

So yeah, check out the trailer if you haven’t already, then tell us your thoughts about the remake in the comments below, on social media, or on our Discord server today!

Super Mario RPG – Nintendo Direct 6.21.2023 (YouTube)

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