Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Liveblog

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

As you know, in just over half an hour, a new Nintendo Direct will air. This Direct will focus on Super Mario Maker 2, and give more information on new content in said game. It’s a pretty surprising announcement given E3 is in under a month, though perhaps an understandable one given the sheer scale of Mario Maker 2 as a game.

And so just like with every previous Direct, we’ll be hosting a liveblog for it. In said liveblog, we’ll be giving our opinion on everything and anything shown off. That could be new game styles, level themes, mechanics or enemies, but either way, it’ll be commentary posted the second its shown in the video.

So if you’re interested in what we have to say, check out the presentation when it airs via the embedded players below:

Then read our actual liveblog entries for our thoughts on every one of the game’s new features. It’s gonna be great!


If my ROM hack can have Cat Mario, then my Super Mario World style levels in Super Mario Maker 2 should be able to have it too.

But at the same time, I'm heavily disappointed with the focus on the Mario 3D World theme. Those enemies and elements should be all styles, not just the 3D World one. If the fans can add Bullies and Cat Suits and clear pipes in fan games and hacks, then Nintendo has no excuse.

Overall, it was a pretty good presentation. I liked the multiplayer modes, those look great. Story mode is a nice addition too, as are some of the new course elements. Certainly more control with this one.

Nintendo Switch game vouchers are okay, but I care more about Mario Maker 2 stuff

So there's a limited edition one with a Nintendo Switch Online trial. Useful

You can tag courses for this mode if you want them to be seen more

Seriously though, this co-op/race stuff is a game changer.

Seems any course can be chosen here. Neat

Oh hey, multiplayer co-op/competitive races are possible

So your profile can be customised? Okay, seems weird

Being able to download courses is useful

Comments are a thing, even without Miiverse

Searching by tags looks helpful

Course World returns, as expected

Pom Pom is here. Cool. Love these boss returns

Hope cars aren't 3D World theme exclusive

Hope cars aren't 3D World theme exclusive

Track blocks are basically single snake blocks

Oh hey, beat blocks are in this game

Spike blocks + on/off pipe blocks are here

Warp boxes are a thing too

Looks good, but I want clear pipes in other styles

Oh, 3D World theme has stuff you can't use elsewhere. Damn

Themes and items transform at night

With a special 3-Up Moon that can wipe out enemies

You can make levels night themed

New songs for new themes!

Desert theme and snow theme in all styles!

100+ original levels? Sounds good.

Oh hey, you can play pre made levels too, earning coins to rebuild the castle.

Story mode?

Clear conditions! Awesome

Oh hey, you can work with friends to build courses together.

New sound effects were added.

New sound effects were added.

Banzai Bills can home in on Mario

Dry Bones shells can hop over lava

You can also stop the camera from scrolling too

Oh hey, vertical courses are here. Plus auto scrolling

Custom scroll looks great.

Water levels can be set freely now, and can change over time

Swinging claws look cool

You can change tracks and conveyer directions with switch blocks.

Angry Suns and Snake Blocks get mentioned here. Neat.

Slopes are simple to make, as expected.

Oh boy, you need a Switch Online membership to share online...

Basic intro now. Not sure anyone doesn't know this by this point.

It begins!

It begins!

Just under 2 minutes now!


Well, it's starting soon! Maybe as well setup the liveblog...

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