Super Mario Bros Movie Gets Parody Ad, Website

Super Mario Bros Movie Gets Parody Ad, Website

When it comes to trailers and ads, the Super Mario Bros Movie has knocked it out of the park every time. Whether it’s the amazingly epic debut trailer with Bowser and Kamek destroying the Penguin Kingdom, the posters released every week or so, or the more recent trailer with DK, Cranky and hundreds of other Kongs and references, every piece of marketing material has been incredible for this film, with a level of charm unmatched by most Mario media in years.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Poster (Brooklyn version)

Oh hey, is that Pauline in the background?

And it seems that pattern has only continued with the last one too. Why? Because instead of a typical trailer’, we’ve got a whole parody commercial for Super Mario Bros plumbing, filled with dozens of amusing jokes and easter eggs. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yourself:

YouTube player

Plus the actual website built to advertise the ‘business’:

The ‘official’ Super Mario Bros Plumbing website

As you can see, the gags come thick and fast in both cases. For the ad, we’ve got all the corniness you’d expect from a local business commercial, including bad green screen effects, dodgy model usage and hilariously terrible acting that shows no one even bothered to do a second take here.

Hell, we’ve even got a Luigi’s Mansion reference at the end of it!

Luigi's Mansion Style Scream

Even Mario is doing this now!

But that’s not the craziest thing here. No, that would be the music.


Because somehow, this uses the opening theme from the Super Mario Bros Super Show!

Yep, they actually went there, and included an iconic song from the 1980s TV show in an ad for the upcoming movie! It’s neat to see, and shows that Nintendo and Illumination actually do recognise some of the spinoffs and adaptations from that era even today. Maybe we’ll see a Hotel Mario reference next? Or the Mushroom King make his debut in Mario Kart Tour?

Honestly, at this point, anything seems possible.

Especially when they went out and built a whole website for the business. And it’s not a lame, splash page esque deal that merely promotes the film either.

No, it’s an actual business site for Mario Bros Plumbing, complete with contact info, fake testimonials and even more in jokes than you can shake a cape feather at.

Like say, the fact you can actually ring up the number on the site and get a message about the film:

YouTube player

Or the fact the testimonials are very clearly written by characters with a… shall we say, ‘vested’ interest in the business succeeding or failing:


The Mario Bros. are the very best in the business! They’re polite, professional, adorable, and treated me like family!


There’s no loyalty w/ mario and luigi!!! The SUBPAR Mario Bros used to wrk for me until they decided to break off and start there own bussines…. theyll learn their lesson someday…

It’s again really awesome to see, and shows that the folks responsible for promoting the movie care as much about it succeeding as those starring in said film themselves.

So check it out! Check out both the Mario Bros Plumbing commercial and website, and take in all the neat easter eggs and in jokes today!


Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial (YouTube)

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