Splatoon 3 Has Leaked Online, Complete with Final Boss Footage

Splatoon 3

Well folks, it’s happened again. Another major Nintendo game has leaked early, with footage of various levels, bosses and other story content being posted online as a result.

And this time, the game in question is Splatoon 3. Indeed, thanks to stores selling the game early, dozens of videos and spoilerific screenshots have now been posted on sites like YouTube and Twitter, with accounts like the Splatoon 3 Leaks one being the source of many of them.

So watch out Splatoon fans! The internet is now littered with spoilers about the game, including some you probably want to find out for yourself. Be careful on sites like YouTube and Twitter, and maybe consider taking a break from the internet until the game launches this Friday!


Major Splatoon 3 Leaks Emerge a Week Before Release (Reddit)