ROM Hack Turns Zelda 1 Into a Mario Game

ROM Hack Turns Zelda 1 Into a Mario Game

Have you ever wondered what the original Legend of Zelda would be like as a Mario game? How the original title would be if Miyamoto repurposed the Mario IP instead of creating a new franchise altogether?

Well, if so, you’re in luck. That’s because a ROM hacker by the name of NesDraug has created The Legend of Super Mario: Save Mushroom Kingdom, a full conversion of the original Zelda into a Mario game. Link is now Mario, Zelda and Ganon are Peach and Bowser respectively, and every enemy, boss and NPC has been replaced by its Mushroom Kingdom equivalent.

Legend of Super Mario Dungeon Screenshot

A screenshot showing Mario in a dungeon from the Legend of Super Mario

It’s an insane project, and one that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to editing the original game. What’s more, it actually kinda works too.

Okay, it’s certainly nothing like a Mario game mechanically. You shoot hammers rather than swinging them, enemies act only somewhat like their Mario counterparts and the world feels very different to explore, but it’s still fun nonetheless. The world has been modified in interesting ways design wise, and the aesthetics actually go together quite well too.

It’s the kind of quirky work you’d expect from a well done ROM hack, and a fine new take on the original experience.

So if you’re interested, check it out. You can see a longplay of the title here:

YouTube player

Or get it over on ROM and the author’s Discord server. Have fun Mario fans!


The Legend of Super Mario (ROM

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