Peach’s Art Gets the Kirby Treatment for Princess Peach Showtime

Peach’s Art Gets the Kirby Treatment for Princess Peach Showtime

Recently, Nintendo has updated the artwork for Princess Peach Showtime. It’s not a major change by any means, but it’s a notable one nonetheless. Can you tell what it is?

Princess Peach Showtime Artwork (old version)

The old version of the Princess Peach Showtime promo art

Princess Peach Showtime Artwork (updated)

The updated artwork for Princess Peach Showtime

Yep, Peach looks angrier than before. Not by much mind you, but enough she looks pretty damn determined to finish her adventure.

It’s an interesting change, and one that reminds us of another series in the past. Namely, Kirby.

Since in that series, Kirby’s artwork was changed in much the same way. In Japan and Europe, he looked all happy and sweet. Like you might expect for a pink fluffball.

But this got changed in America to make him look angry and determined instead. Apparently, Nintendo of America thought gamers there couldn’t take a happy looking character on the box for whatever reason.

So, it seems the same process has occurred with Peach too. Except you know, it’s a global change rather than a US only one this time around.

Still, what do you think of it? Are you happy with Peach’s new more determined looking artwork? How angry should Nintendo characters look going forward?

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Nintendo slightly updates Peach’s look in new Princess Peach Showtime key art (My Nintendo News)

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