None of the Console Makers Will Be At E3 2023?

None of the Console Makers Will Be At E3 2023?

Damn, it’s been a rough time for E3, hasn’t it? Indeed, with two events cancelled due to Covid and a major data leak causing a huge uproar, the whole thing has been one fiasco after another in the last few years, with many people wondering whether the event is even needed in this modern day gaming climate.

Unfortunately, it seems E3 2023 might not change there. Why? Because according to IGN, none of the console manufacturers are going to be at the event at all!

Yep, neither Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony will have a presence at this year’s E3, leaving the level of hype at an all time low. It’s pretty brutal if true, and makes the event pointless for a good 80% of video game fans as a result.

So as far as E3 is concerned, 2023 might already be a write off. After all, what’s a gaming event show with the biggest names in the industry entirely absent? Could it even survive without major console and game reveals?

We’re honestly not sure. But don’t worry folks, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be no gaming news at all this summer.

No, even when the big companies do skip a presentation or two, they’ve usually got something lined up to take its place. So while E3 as an event might be a bit of a bust there, that still leaves room for a Nintendo Direct or State of Play. And those could easily offer the same kind of reveals, just without the real world event side of things.

Plus, it’s still early in the year too. Hence while those companies may have no interest in participating now (with IGN saying the reasons stem from frustration with the ESA), that doesn’t mean they won’t later. Maybe the ESA will clean up its act, and companies will come running back again. Or perhaps someone else might take over the convention, and run it better than they would. We just don’t know.

Regardless, as it stands, E3 will apparently be without the console manufacturers. So what do you think about that? Are you still interested in an event with the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft entirely absent? What are the chances of things changing between now and June anyway?

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Exclusive: Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony Won’t Be Part of E3 2023 (IGN)

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