Nintendo Takes Down 101 Character Mario Kart Video

Okay, I admit I was probably too harsh on Nintendo in this article, and should have stepped back a bit and calmed down before writing this post. But I don’t like it when fan projects get shut down by companies, and in this case, my anger kind of got the better of me. But I do think Nintendo was unfair here, and that the video should have been left up regardless.

Back in February 2016, a popular Youtube user called ‘Hat-Loving Gamer’ posted an interesting Super Mario Kart video.  Namely, it was a crossover where 101 different video game characters were racing through Mario Circuit in Super Mario Kart.  And dear god, it was impressive.  The Koopalings were there.  Rayman, Sonic and Bioshock had characters included from them in the animation.

Heck, the main character even got mugged by someone from Grand Theft Auto, before then hijacking Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon car!  It was incredible! Here’s an archived copy of the video:

Above: Also shows how the video was made.

Unfortunately, someone at Nintendo… didn’t like it for some reason.  So now, the good old video is ‘blocked on copyright grounds’.  Yes really:

So let me say something here.

What the freaking hell is wrong with the idiots at Nintendo? This wasn’t a hack. This wasn’t linked to any sort of playable game. Heck, do you honestly thing the SNES could actually run a game with 100 playable characters at the same time? Really? You made the damn console, you know what it’s capable of.

In simple terms, this was a parody. Parody videos are legally protected. Don’t like that? Tough crap. Honestly, The Simpsons was right. The world would be a better place if the vast majority of lawyers simply stopped existing. And this is a case of Nintendo’s legal team vastly overstepping their bounds and just ruining things for the fans.

Either way, I hope they learn from their mistakes and remove their copyright strike on this video right now. It is utterly pathetic than a normal fan animation is being shut down for no real reason.