Nintendo Reveals Key Art from Super Mario Bros Film!

Nintendo Reveals Key Art from Super Mario Bros Film!

Later this week, Nintendo will post the first ever trailer for the upcoming Mario movie. This will be shared as part of a special Nintendo Direct in partnership with New York Comic Con, and give us our first ever look at the film and what it’s all about.

And to get ready for that, Nintendo has now shared a new piece of artwork on Twitter! Here’s the post with the artwork in question:

As you can see, there’s a lot to discuss here. For example, Mario’s design has had a few tweaks to take advantage of the more detailed art style. These include notches in his gloves, more defined folds in his clothing, and more complex textures for everything in general.

And he’s not the only one. No, the Toads also see a few tweaks to their designs too.

With the most notable being defined legs rather than disembodied feet. Presumably, these were added to make it easier and more natural to animate the characters in a film setting.

Yet it’s not just characters that are interesting here. No, the environment has a bunch of intriguing details as well.

With the most notable being the shops around the entry area in Toad Town. These include an antiques shop with items from Super Mario Bros 3 (like P-Switches and Music Boxes), a fruit shop with fruit based on those from Mario Sunshine and Yoshi’s Island, and what appears to be a pet shop or aquarium with fish based enemies from the series, like Cheep Cheeps, Urchins and Jelectros.

It’s a lovely looking area, and one that makes us long for a Toad Town setting in a similar style in a proper Mario game. Maybe that’ll be a feature of a tie in?

Either way, the details don’t end there. No, you’ve also got all kinds of neat little background gags and references too. These include an unlucky Toad who fell off the Donut Blocks below the castle…

Plus what appears to be a picture of Bowser in the distance, as viewed between these trees.

There really is a lot to take in here, and it makes us excited to see what the full movie will hold come its release date next year.

So, check out the tweet above if you want Nintendo’s official take on the news…

Get ready to watch the teaser in this Thursday’s Nintendo Direct for your first proper look at the film in action…

Then tell us what you think about the movie, and your hopes for it in the comments below or on our Discord server today!


Nintendo UK’s Announcement about the Mario Movie Direct (Twitter)

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