Nintendo Marketing Pamphlet Reveals Breath of the Wild 2 Story Details

Nintendo Marketing Pamphlet Reveals Breath of the Wild 2 Story Details

Ever since it’s reveal back in January 2019, details on Breath of the Wild 2 have been fairly thin on the ground. Indeed, it’s so thin, that you can probably fit this entire list of things we know about the game on the back of a postcard:

  1. Ganondorf is seemingly the villain
  2. Link gets glowing hand powers
  3. Hyrule Castle rises into the sky
  4. And Zelda plays a different role than in the original game

However, it seems there is one extra detail few people have noticed. One that Nintendo themselves gives away in the upcoming games section of a Nintendo Switch games pamphlet. Take a look:

Breath of the Wild 2 story outline

The outline from the Nintendo pamphlet

Yep, as you can see, it says:

Finally, Link and Zelda return in the eagerly awaited successor to unforgettable action-adventure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with series producer Eiji Aonuma promising a darker adventure this time. Deep within the caverns beneath Hyrule Castle, a new and powerful threat awakens. Can our courageous heroes save the kingdom again?

With the bolded point being the interesting one. Why? Because up until now, we’ve never seen any confirmation as to where the trailer scenes take place. We’ve seen a few clues here and there sure (like Hyrule Castle rising into the air at the end of the video), but nothing concrete that says where the dungeon actually is. Because of this, most theorists seem to have guessed it was in Faron or tied to the Lomei tribe instead.

But that’s apparently not the case. Nope, apparently Ganondorf’s corpse gets reanimated underneath Hyrule Castle, and the scenes from the trailer take place in some otherwise unknown caverns there. It’s an interesting reveal, and one which raises a fair few questions about the game too.

YouTube player


Where exactly is the entrance to this place?

Because Hyrule Castle ain’t exactly some one off location we visit for a short period of time. It’s the last dungeon of the original game, and a place we explore from top to bottom when preparing to face off against Calamity Ganon.

And this includes numerous caverns underneath the surface too. So we have to wonder where these new caverns are in relation to say, the Lockup or minecart tunnels, and how exactly Link and Zelda made their way there with the ox.

We also have to wonder how it ties into the previous game too. After all, if Ganondorf’s body really is being stored right underneath the area his ‘Calamity’ form is lurking, is the former somehow manifesting the latter? Is all the malice spewing out of it what has been responsible for Ganon’s constantly revivals these last few years?

Cause that would make a lot of sense, and would explain why this ‘bestial’ version of Ganon seems to be coming every few thousand years like clockwork when the normal version was much more random and unpredictable. Why Ganon seemingly ‘decayed’ into this mindless state, despite his sanity surviving just fine through countless generations beforehand.

Presumably, whatever the Sheikah/Gerudo/Lomei/whoever did to stop Ganon just didn’t work too well, and left a leaky seal that constantly brings out his most mindless rage.

So thanks to Carito on our Discord server for bringing this to our attention. It’s a neat discovery, and provides a bit more info about one of Nintendo’s most mysterious upcoming games.

But what do you think about it? Do you have any ideas as to where these caverns are in relation Hyrule Castle in BoTW? What do you think about the idea that Calamity Ganon isn’t really the Ganon we’re used to?

Leave your thoughts on the matter in the comments below, on the Gaming Latest forums, or on our Discord server today!


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