Nintendo Japan Launches Breath of the Wild Quiz Event!

Nintendo Japan Launches Breath of the Wild Quiz Event!

Do you think you know everything about the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

Are you a Hylian scholar versed in the intricacies of the Hyrulian ecosystem, and the various creatures that inhabit it?

Have you played the game so much that you can cite the entire Hyrule Compendium from front to back, and know exactly where every boss, mini boss and enemy appears in the kingdom?

If so, it seems you may soon have the opportunity to put those skills to the test! Why? Because Nintendo has announced a Breath of the Wild themed quiz event on their Japanese social media channels, complete with scoreboards for those eligible to enter! Here’s the post about it from their official Twitter account:

As well as the page where you can see the times the competition runs, as well as try out a practice quiz:

Zelda Breath of the Wild Quiz (Nintendo Site)

It’s an interesting setup, and the example quiz provided is actually on the trickier side all things considered. Oh sure, we got a perfect score here (5/5), but many people we know didn’t, since the quiz had a few questions that could easily catch out less experienced players.

So we’re intrigued to see what questions the full versions will have later this year. Will they be more difficult than the practice questions are? How well does Nintendo really know their own game here?

Sadly, we’re not sure if that’ll even be possible. That’s because the quiz page says it’s only available in Japan, and we’re not entirely sure how strongly the company is actually going to enforce that limitation. Will any old Japanese Nintendo account work, even without an address assigned? What if you log in with your international accounts here?

Will you still be allowed to play, even if you can’t technically win overall?

We don’t really know, and the official site doesn’t offer any clues here. Regardless, you can find the quiz times in the table below:

Region Quiz Times
7th of April 2023 (Saturday) 10-10:30pm (JST)
8th of April 2023 (Saturday) 10-10:30am (JST)
8th of April 2023 (Saturday) 10-10:30pm (JST)
9th of April 2023 (Sunday) 10-10:30am (JST)

And you can find more info on the site in question. So what do you think? Are you going to try and take part? And if so, do you think Nintendo will allow you to, even if you’re in a different country?

Leave your thoughts on the matter (and more) in the comments below, on social media, or on our Discord server today!


Zelda Breath of the Wild Quiz (Nintendo Site)

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