Nintendo Hunts Down Leaker That Shared ToTK Art Book

Nintendo Hunts Down Leaker That Shared ToTK Art Book

A few months ago, the art book from the collector’s version of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was leaked online. In this book, fans found artwork for numerous characters, items, enemies and locations not shown by Nintendo thus far, as well as other interesting information about the game’s story and characters.

It was a huge deal at the time, and one which even today leaves the official subreddit and Discord servers flooded for spoilers for the game.

However, it seems Nintendo’s not too happy about the whole ordeal. Why? Because according to TorrentFreak, the company sent a DMCA notice about the book to Discord regarding links on the game’s Discord server, as well as a subpoena for information on a user called Julien#2743 who’d apparently shared said book. It’s bad news for said user, and probably for the Discord server in question too.

But is it really that big of a deal? Is the book being leaked really the end of the world?

To be honest, we don’t think so. And the main reason for that is all rather simple.

The art book from the Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition doesn’t cover the full game. It covers a fair bit of it sure, including at least a few enemies and characters not currently revealed by Nintendo.

But it doesn’t cover anything close to everything, with most of the game’s bosses, more interesting enemies and lategame content being missing entirely. So while it’s not ideal that the info is out there now, it’s arguably not the world. It’s more like a promotional pamphlet got shared online really, rather than something like Creating a Champion or the Art of Super Mario Odyssey.

Zonai Golem Boss

From what we’ve heard, this guy isn’t even in the leaked art book…

It’s also a tad late too. After all, the game is releasing in just over a month from now, so it won’t be long until all of this content is documented on wikis and in gameplay walkthroughs anyway. So we have to question why Nintendo left it this long, and decided to try to close the door months after the metaphorical horse had already bolted.

Either way, that’s the situation. Nintendo’s annoyed about the art book leaks, they got Discord to remove the links to it from the Tears of the Kingdom Discord server, and they’re looking for info on this Julien figure who apparently posted it online to begin with.

So what do you think of it? Is Nintendo right to try and remove leaks like this? How likely do you think they’ll be to track down the user in question? And what’s the fate of the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit and Discord server now they’re in Nintendo’s crosshairs?

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Nintendo Hunts Down Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Leaker on Discord (TorrentFreak)

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