New Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Shows More Enemies and Mechanics!

New Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Shows More Enemies and Mechanics!

When it comes to the Nintendo Direct yesterday, everyone and their dog knew that Tears of the Kingdom would be included in it. After all, it’s Nintendo’s biggest release this side of E3 2023, and arguably the biggest title the company has planned for the year overall.

And they certainly didn’t disappoint this time. Oh no, with an amazing new trailer for the game, Nintendo showed off all kinds of amazing additions to The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. From story tidbits to enemy types, mechanics to locations, there’s a ton to look at and unpack here, and for us to discuss here at Gaming Reinvented.

So check out the trailer below if you haven’t already…

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Then keep reading for our detailed analysis of the game and all the new content shown within!

New Enemies

Starting with new enemy types, of which there are a fair few. Right off that bat, we’ve got these mysterious flying enemies that remind us of Kargarocs from the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess:

Flying Enemies Near Military Camp

Various flying monsters hover around the Military Training Camp

Fighting a Flying Enemy

Link can fight them as expected

Taking Enemies Into Battle

And like Kargarocs, they can take other enemies into battle

Plus some footage showing Link taking one down with a new type of arrow. Given the game has a heavy focus on floating islands and sky exploration, it makes sense that flying enemies would be significantly more well represented here than in the base game.

We also have this rather impressive looking dragon creature too. Based on the fact it seems to have 3 heads and act as a guard for the Bridge of Hylia, we’re gonna guess it’s based on the Gleeoks from the original Legend of Zelda game and Oracle of Ages. Albeit a far scarier, hellish version brought about by Ganon’s malice.

3 Headed Dragon Enemy

What even is this monstrosity?

And the hellish theme seems to very much the focus here, since quite a few of the new enemies are on the creepier side. Like what appears to be a Redead in the second Blood Moon scene.

ToTK Redead

Redeads in Tears of the Kingdom? That’s a horrifying thought…

Yep, it’s like the ones from Ocarina of Time, only somehow more emancipated and with a sideways mouth to make it all the creepier. Good job guys! You took what was already one of the most disturbing enemies in the series, and somehow made it even more terrifying. That’s impressive!

There are also some rather strange looking Bokoblin chieftan type creatures too. Apparently these are called ‘Boss Bokoblins’ by the Zelda Wiki, and act like bigger, tougher leader figures in Bokoblin armies and camps throughout Hyrule. It’s a neat setup, and one which reminds us an awful lot of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, where bigger variants of existing enemies acted like camp leaders.

Boss Bokoblin In Game

Link fights a Boss Bokoblin (and its tribe)

TotK Bokoblin Artwork

As you can see, Boss Bokoblins are far bigger and scarier than their normal counterparts

But that’s not the only new enemy variation that’s interesting to look at here. No, we’ve also got what appear to be malice infused versions of Lizalfos too:

Cave Scene With Malice Lizalfos

These Lizalfos also seem to mine Stone Taluses… for some reason

Presumably, these are more difficult versions of their basic counterparts found in caves and other such areas, with abilities we don’t yet know about. Huh, guess Nintendo took some inspiration from Relics of the Past too!

And that brings us to the final new enemy type of the bunch. This strange, almost Minecraft like golem that Link seems to be fighting in the desert.

Zonai Golem Boss

We have no idea what this thing is, but it looks like it’ll be an awesome boss!

Yeah, it’s definitely an overworld boss isn’t it? Based on the design it’s very much a Zonai one, and presumably acts as an ‘ancient’ counterpart to the Stone Taluses found elsewhere in Hyrule.

So as far as enemies are concerned, there’s a lot to see here. But that’s only part of the story where this trailer is concerned…

New Mechanics

Since the game’s mechanics have some interesting additions too. Most notably, the addition of vehicles!

Yep, now it seems like Link can construct and use various Zonai inspired vehicles now! These include a hot air balloon:

Zonai Hot Air Balloon

Seems like flying machines are official now!

The plane from the previous trailer:

Zonai Plane

Link takes to the sky with this plane/glider

Plus a literal car! Yep, Link can drive a car across Hyrule here, like something straight out of Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts! That’s a twist we never saw coming in a million years.

Zonai Car

Yes, that’s a car. Which you may have to construct yourself

That’s already a pretty huge change to the formula here, especially given the more… pedestrian transport options in the original BoTW. Still, if you prefer using a horse, that’s still possible too. Hell, even Epona appears!

Link Rides On Epona

Wonder if Epona is an amiibo only thing in this game?

Outside of the vehicles and transportation, it seems like new rune style hand abilities are the order of the day here. Like this Magnesis style ability that lets you pull things from underwater:

Zonai Magnesis like ability

This Magnesis like ability lets you grab stuff from underwater

Or this one that lets you grind on the rails:

Rail Grinding

Link can grind on rails now

There are also new kinds of arrows, like this Zonai esque one that homes in on enemies:

Zonai Homing Arrow

This new type of arrow can home in on enemies

And weapons that let you shoot explosives, like this insane looking club:

Zonai Bomb Launcher

And this weapon lets you launch explosives like a rocket launcher

Again, there’s some really cool stuff here, and based on sheer number of abilities in the earlier trailers, there are way more to discover too. It’s certainly more varied than in BoTW with its 7 or so runes from throughout the whole game!


As for story content?

Yeah, we don’t get to see much of it here. Based on all the Blood Moon references it seems like Ganondorf is using his magic to power up the existing enemies or create new ones to annihilate Hyrule, and his dialogue makes his thirst for destruction all the more clear there (“Leave no survivors!”)

Ganondorf's Magic

What’s Ganondorf up to here?

And we also know that Link has to save Zelda too:

Saving Zelda

Link saves Zelda from falling in Tears of the Kingdom

But that’s it for now. The story is still mostly a mystery, even at this point.

Changes to Hyrule in General

So we’re gonna have to look at Hyrule in general now, and see what interesting differences we can discover there. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them, even ignoring the big things like new enemies and bosses.

Like here in the Epona scene from earlier, where we can see all manner of mysterious structures littered through Hyrule Field. We have no idea what any of them do, but they sure do look like they’ve got interesting effects nonetheless:

Changes to Hyrule Field

What are these structures here for?

We also see the Typhlo Ruins without any darkness too! Yeah, apparently the Zonai magic involved in this game has removed the effect from the area, in addition to various other things:

Typhlo Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom

Wait, where’s the darkness?

Meanwhile the shrines and Divine Beasts in general seem to be gone entirely. In some cases, leaving them replaced with glowing green Zonai magic in places like Hateno Village:

Hateno Village in ToTK

Hateno Village’s shrine is now replaced with a Zonai marker/area

Presumably, whatever purpose they once sold has been fulfilled, and mostly gotten rid of now.

This scene has a few of its own intriguing additions too. For instance, in addition to the huge Zonai symbol on the ground, we also get a new variant of enemy camps too, built out of multiple skulls stacked on top of each other. Pretty neat really, and presumably a bit tougher to conquer than the usual towers and skull bases from the original game.

Giant Zonai Symbol

Not sure what’s more interesting.. the giant symbol or the weird skull base

Meanwhile, the labyrinths seem to have been raised in the sky, as shown in this wide shot. Presumably, being built by the Zonai a while back, they too are affected by the strange goings on in Tears of the Kingdom.

A View Across Hyrule

Why is the labyrinth floating in the sky? Or at least a cube in that location?

We also have other glowing Zonai symbols, plus strange towers too. Presumably the latter act a bit like Sheikah Towers? Or something similar?

Glowing Symbol Plus Towers

What is that glowing symbol?

Finally, in this scenic skydive towards Hyrule from the islands above, we see a strange glowing malice area. Looks pretty menacing, and possibly an entrance to the caves below!

Skydiving Towards Hyrule

What is that weird malice symbol anyway?

So those are all the cool things we’ve found in the latest trailer. It’s certainly not everything (since hey, we’re not analysts on some sort of world changing level here), but they’re neat changes nonetheless, and show a far more promising game than the initial trailers indicated.

Still, what do you think here? Which of the many interesting changes were the most interesting in the most recent Tears of the Kingdom trailer? Are there any enemies you’re really looking forward to fighting, or locations you desperately want to explore?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Discord server today!


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #2 (Nintendo YouTube Channel)

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