New Nintendo Switch Model With Extra Battery Life Coming This Autumn

New Nintendo Switch Model With Extra Battery Life Coming This Autumn

However, it’s not the Pro version often spoke of in rumours. Instead, it’s a revision to the normal one, which significantly increases the system’s battery life while leaving everything else the same. Here’s the announcement about it courtesy of Nintendo on Twitter:

As you can see, it’s a pretty big jump. Indeed, with battery charge times going from 4.5-9 hours rather than 2.5-6.5 hours, and Breath of the Wild being playable for 5.5 hours at a time now, it’s virtually doubling the original system’s specs there. Pretty good going given the console’s only two years old.

This new version of the console will launch in August or September depending on your region (former for North America, latter for Europe).

Which goes quite well with the other related announcement, a new set of Joy-Con colours released about a month afterwards. These will come in purple + orange and blue + yellow varieties, and will be available for sale in October.

So yeah, check out Nintendo’s various tweets and articles on the Switch revisions in the sources list below….

Then give us your thoughts on the changes in a comment or over on the Gaming Latest forums. Maybe this’ll be what pushes you to finally buy a Switch if you haven’t already!


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