New Mario Movie Footage Shows Cat Mario, Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong

New Mario Movie Footage Shows Cat Mario, Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong

Well folks, seems like it’s time for another Mario movie clip! Why? Because as the title suggests, the official Twitter account for the movie has just posted another one online, complete with the reveal of Cat Mario and our first bit of dialogue from Seth Rogen’s version of Donkey Kong. Here’s the clip for those who haven’t seen it yet:

It’s pretty short, but it works well overall. Mario becoming his cat form to aid in the battle? That’s quite neat, and the visuals work surprisingly well for it given the difficulties animated movies usually have with rendering fur.

And it also actually makes Chris Pratt somewhat funny too. Okay, it’s not gonna make up for the rest of his dialogue, but…

Pratt’s Mario saying ‘Meow’ in a sarcastic voice? That’s a nice Super Mario 3D World throwback to say the least.

As for Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong… well, that’s alright too. The whole ‘laugh hysterically at Mario’s outfit and then act serious in response’ thing reminds us a lot of Bowser’s comments from the first trailer, and work well here too.

Still, that’s the newest footage for the film. So what do you think of it? Are you happy to see Cat Mario in the movie? What are your thoughts on Seth’s DK voice here?

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Cat Mario Reveal (Super Mario Bros Movie Twitter Page)

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