Modder Adds FLUDD to Super Mario Odyssey

Modder Adds FLUDD to Super Mario Odyssey

When it comes to awesome mods, Super Mario Odyssey has its fair share. From custom levels to online multiplayer, Superstar Mode to playable Luigi, the community has created all sorts of insane projects in the game’s engine.

But today’s one is arguably one of the most impressive yet. Why? Because it’s a fully working rendition of Super Mario Sunshine’s FLUDD in the Mario Odyssey engine, complete with the main three nozzles from that game!

Here’s a video showing it in action, courtesy of mod creator JustKant8:

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It’s an impressive recreation to say the least. The animations look good, all three nozzles work exactly as expected, and the controls are intuitive and easy to use as well. It really is Nintendo quality, and it’s impressive how well everything fits into Odyssey here.

So check it out Super Mario Sunshine fans! It’s a neat little mod, and one which completely changes the whole way the game works to boot.


FLUDD in Mario Odyssey (Game Banana)

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