Metroid Prime 4 Has Officially Been Revealed!

Metroid Prime 4 Has Officially Been Revealed!

When it comes to Metroid Prime 4, information has always been thin on the ground. Oh sure, we knew it existed, and we had a rough draft of the logo from that E3 presentation…

But beyond that, there was nothing to go on. We knew the game existed, we knew that Retro had taken over development, and that’s it.

However, it seems things have now changed. Why? Because at today’s Nintendo Direct, the company actually showed off Metroid Prime 4: Beyond for the first time! Here’s the new trailer for the title, showing actual gameplay and story elements:

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Yeah, there’s not that much here. You get a scene of Samus landing on a new planet and fighting through the invading enemies, a scene of Sylux alongside two Metroids…

And the new logo and release date for the game. It’s as basic a reveal as they come, and a far cry from the flashy trailers we’ve seen for other Nintendo titles.

But it’s still insane nonetheless. For one thing, it shows without a doubt that this isn’t vaporware. That Metroid Prime 4 is actually a game that exists in some form.

So that’s incredible in of itself. We now know how it plays, and get a glimpse of the gorgeous graphics found in said game.

More importantly though, the release year of 2025 means that the game is nearly here. That in just over 6 months, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond should be hitting store shelves.

And that itself is the most exciting thing of all. That after more than half a decade on on/off development hell, that actual progress is being made on this game, and that a light is actually visible at the end of the tunnel.

Congrats Nintendo and Retro Studios! Metroid Prime 4 is finally more than a logo in a video, and it looks better than ever.  Hopefully the next trailer shows off the game in detail, and we get to see even more of it there too!


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