Mario’s New Voice Actor Has Been Revealed!

Mario’s New Voice Actor Has Been Revealed!

Yesterday, we posted about how Mario’s new voice actor may have been leaked for Super Mario Bros Wonder. In that article, we stated that it was likely to be Mick Wingert, since he was one of only two new names in the credits, and the one who sounded least like the talking flowers already present in the game.

Well, we can now reveal that we were wrong. It’s not Mick Wingert voicing Mario and Luigi, it’s Kevin Afghani!

Yep, the actor everyone thought was only voicing the talking flowers is indeed the voice actor for Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros Wonder as well. Here’s a Twitter post from Mr Afghani where he confirms his role in the game:

So yeah, it’s official now. Kevin Afghani is the new voice actor for Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros Wonder, and likely the rest of the series going forward.

And he’s doing a pretty damn good job of it so far too. Sure, there were always a few people saying the voices had changed, and there were definitely doubts that it was Martinet from the moment the trailer dropped…

But the fact there was uncertainty at all is a very good sign nonetheless. His voices for the characters are close enough to the originals that they’re basically indistinguishable from Martinet’s versions for casual fans and players, and they work well enough in game that people don’t find them annoying or jarring either.

So, congrats on the role Mr Afghani, and congrats on doing so well when it comes to voicing the bros in Super Mario Bros Wonder. If what we’ve heard so far is accurate to how they’ll sound in future, you are definitely the right actor for the role!


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