Mario Strikers: Battle League Gets Its Final Update!

Mario Strikers: Battle League Gets Its Final Update!

Well folks, it’s here! Just half a year after its launch in June this year, we’ve now gotten an announcement for the third wave of DLC for Mario Strikers: Battle League, complete with some new characters and stadiums! Here’s a trailer for it from Nintendo of America, complete with a release date:

As you can see, it’s certainly an update, we’ll say that much. Bowser Jr and Birdo are logical additions, the new rooftop stadium looks pretty cool and the armour is okay.

But for a final update to a Mario sports game like this?*

Honestly, we kinda expected something more interesting. Like, look at what characters the other sports games got in this era?

Mario Tennis Aces had Chain Chomp, Kamek, Petey Piranha, Fire Piranha Plant, Boom Boom and Blooper. Mario Golf Super Rush had Chargin’ Chuck, King Bob-omb, Ninji and Wiggler.

This game? Daisy, Diddy Kong, Shy Guy, Birdo and Bowser Jr are all treated as DLC characters (despite being mainstays in just about every other spinoff), while Pauline is probably the only interesting addition of the bunch.

It’s kinda depressing really, and when compared to the older Strikers games (and spinoffs in general) makes you realise just badly Nintendo and co have been phoning it in this generation. Every sports game gets less and less interesting content, and every non sports game outside of a few big ones gets no interesting updates so to speak of (we’re looking at you Mario Party Superstars!)

Still, that’s just our thoughts on the matter. So what do you think? Are you happy with the DLC and updates Mario Strikers: Battle League received since launch? How does the game generally stack up to past titles in its series?

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Mario Strikers: Battle League – 3rd Free Update – Nintendo Switch (YouTube)


* Yes it’s the final free update, Nintendo UK says as much.

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