Mario & Luigi Prototype Reveals New Info About Its Villain!

Mario & Luigi Prototype Reveals New Info About Its Villain!

Earlier this week, a prototype of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga leaked online. This prototype included numerous differences from the final game, including a different battle intro animation, cut characters in various locations and major differences to the story and battle mechanics.

It was a huge find for Mario & Luigi fans, and one which fans like Skawo have been documenting rather well on The Cutting Room Floor, YouTube and various social media sites.

Yet did you know that prototype also revealed some surprising new info about the main antagonist too? Something about Cackletta’s backstory that’s never even hinted at in the final game?

Yep, you can find a civilian in Beanbean Castle Town talking about her backstory here, where he says she’s actually Queen Bean’s younger sister and has been driven to evil due to jealousy! Here are some screenshots from part 2 of Skawo’s prototype playthrough to prove it:

It’s a pretty neat detail, and one we’re surprised was cut at all. Did AlphaDream not want to give a detailed backstory to their main villain here? Was the idea of the Beanbean Kingdom queen and the game’s antagonist being sisters something that was vetoed by Nintendo?

We’ll likely never know. But it was the case before, and it’s still possible to see in the prototype version of the game!


[TCRF] Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Demo Indepth Look – Part 2 (Skawo on YouTube)

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