Leaked Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Reveals New Info

Leaked Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Reveals New Info

Given the popularity of the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it’s no surprise that various things have leaked online. We got the artbook back in February, we heard about the Switch OLED design from various sources after that.

And it seems like this time we’ve got a new commercial for the game too. Here’s the video so you can see it for yourself:

[TotK] LEAKED slightly unfinished version of the USA live-action TV spot: “You Can Do What”
by u/Foulowe59 in zelda

As you can see, it’s not the longest trailer in the world. You’ve got a few scenes from the game, a few more showing people playing the game, and that’s seemingly it.

But don’t think that makes it uninteresting. Oh no, much the opposite! In fact, by accidentally releasing this, Nintendo has given away far more about Tears of the Kingdom than they’d ever imagined.

For starters, note the scene with the Gleeok here:

Flame Gleeok Battle

Hmm, why is it called a Flame Gleeok here?

Yep, it actually calls it a Flame Gleeok above its health bar, complete with a location name to boot! And that’s very interesting to us for a variety of reasons.

For instance, it proves without a shadow of a doubt that this isn’t the only Gleeok in the game, and that they function like Taluses, Hinoxes or Molduga in terms of being overworld bosses. So, by seeing the health bar, we’ve found out that a familiar enemy isn’t just a one shot boss, but a common encounter throughout Hyrule.

It also indicates we’ll be seeing other kinds of Gleeok too. After all, it’s not just a ‘Gleeok’ here. It’s a ‘Flame Gleeok’ specifically.

So does that mean we may be seeing ice, electric or malice variants? Or that this dragon we see in the last trailer might also be one?

Ice Dragon Battle

Could this also be a Gleeok variant?

Hmm, it’s very possible isn’t it?

What’s more, that one screenshot alone just keeps on giving. Why?

Because it seems like he’s got long hair here, despite having the ‘modern’ appearance rather than the Zonai one. So, Nintendo may have accidentally revealed that Link’s hairstyles can be changed, and that the differences in appearance throughout the last trailer may only be cosmetic after all.

And it doesn’t end there. No, he also has 17 hearts too.

17 hearts that are all on the same row.

That’s not how it works in Breath of the Wild. No, in that game, it was 15 hearts per row, for a maximum of 30.

So perhaps the heart limit has been increased here? Perhaps we might be getting up to 40 hearts in Tears of the Kingdom, rather than the 30 in its predecessor?

It definitely seems likely if you ask us.

But the heart count isn’t only a giveaway here. No, the other bits of the trailer seem to indicate some info about the game via it too.

Gliding Towards Hyrule Castle

Link is gliding towards Hyrule Castle already?

Like here, where Link is already heading towards the castle with only 4 hearts. Given that Nintendo’s not prone to sequence breaking their own games much, that indicates we should be able to get there early on, possibly even right after leaving the game’s Great Plateau equivalent.

And we can seemingly work out how far Link got in the rest of the commercial this way too. For instance, he seems to still be in the sky islands intro section here, given he only has 3 hearts:

Link rail runs to a sky island

This seems to be a shot from the intro area

Whereas he’s clearly left said area by the time he builds this raft:

Building A Vehicle

Link builds a vehicle next to Lake Kolomo

Interestingly, this part gives away another detail too. Namely, the presence of Korok seeds in Tears of the Kingdom.

Or at least, something that works like them. You can tell this by the unfinished ring of stones on the island in Lake Kolomo, which appears to be part of a Korok puzzle:

Flying Raft in Hyrule

That ring of stones looks awfully familiar…

What’s more, they’re not in the same places either. Nope, if you look at an interactive map for the first game, it appears like the Korok puzzle is located on the island where the Stone Talus was in prior game, while the lilypad circle puzzle is nowhere to be seen.

So yeah, seems like there’ll be another 900 or so seeds to collect, based on this footage.

And that brings us to the cave part. The one where Link uses an ability to light up a spooky underground forest:

Dark Area In Cave

Damn, this cave is very dark indeed!

Spooky Underground Forest

But it’s all lit up now!

This reveals a few intriguing new details about the game. For one thing, the cave seems to be at a Z coordinate of -470.

Given that the sky island in the gameplay footage by Aonuma was at 500 or so, this indicates that the cave system will be as far underground as the sky islands are up high, implying that Nintendo might have outright tripled the size of the world here. It also implies that different caves will be at different elevation levels, since the sky islands aren’t all at 500, and it seems the cave are of very different sizes in prior videos too.

So yeah, there are some interesting details in the commercial here, and ones that give away a fair bit more about the game. But what was the most exciting part for you? Multiple Gleeoks? The sheer size of the cave system? Something else entirely?

Tell us what you think in the comments below, or over on our Discord server today1


[TotK] LEAKED slightly unfinished version of the USA live-action TV spot: “You Can Do What” (Reddit)

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