Is Mario Party Superstars Getting DLC?

Is Mario Party Superstars Getting DLC?

When it comes to Switch games that need DLC, few get more requests for it than Mario Party Superstars. A compilation of many of the best boards and mini games from the first three Mario Party games, the title is seen as a major return to form by fans, and one of the best games in the series since the days of Mario Party 8 on the Wii.

Yet despite this, info on a DLC pack or updates was minimal at best. Nintendo never featured that in a Direct, and with no info on the game since its release date, it’s questionable whether Nintendo or NdCube sees the value with the idea.

But it seems things may be changing. Why? Because according to a user on Reddit, a YouTube survey talks about what games you’d want to buy DLC for.

And here’s the interesting part:

While most of the games included (Hot Wheels Unleashed, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing New Horizons) have confirmed DLC packs or season passes, Mario Party Superstars does not, and is also on the list. Here’s the Reddit post with a pic of the survey:

It definitely seems like it’s hinting at something to say the least.

But is it really? Is a survey really good evidence here?

Well it’s hard to know. On the one hand, it’s a YouTube survey. It’s hardly a Nintendo site update, and it could easily come from anyone on the platform. So there’s the possibility there’s a troll behind this. Or it’s being used as speculation by a third party source or developer.

Yet at the same time, there’s also a precedent for this being meaningful too. Remember WarioWare: Get It Together?

That game was ‘leaked’ in a survey too, albeit one in a Nintendo email instead. This asked if people would pay $49.99 for a WarioWare game on Switch, and ended up leading to the new game a few months later.

So we can’t really assume one way or the other here. It might be a hint towards DLC, or it might not.

Still, what do you think? Is this an indication we’ll be getting DLC for Mario Party Superstars? Or do you consider this a mere coincidence?

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Probably nothing but I just got this ad on a YouTube video (Mario Party Subreddit)

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