Google Is Shutting Down Stadia

Google Is Shutting Down Stadia

Admit it folks, you knew this was coming. When you combine a track record as poor as Google’s with a service that no one had any interest in, it was pretty obvious that Stadia’s future was on the limited side.

But now it’s been confirmed, since Google themselves have announced that Stadia will be shut down on January 18th 2023, with purchases already having been halted on the platform. Here’s the post about it from their official blog…

A Message About Stadia’s Streaming Strategy

As well as some extra info via the support section on their site.

It’s not the worst shut down in the world, all things considered. Google is at least offering players the chance to get a refund on any games purchased through the service, and the same goes for the hardware too. So if you were one of those people who actually bought a controller or what not, you will at least get your money back there.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take your games to Steam or other services, or that save data export functionality will be included in most games. Hece while you get some money back, it’s still a matter of losing everything you worked for here.

Still, those are the facts. Google Stadia is shutting down for good on January 18th 2023, and purchases via the service have been suspended already. So… what are your thoughts? Are you disappointed to see Stadia bite the dust so quickly? Did you ever actually use this service?

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A Message About Stadia’s Streaming Strategy

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