Golf is Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch Sports

Golf is Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch Sports

Ever since its original release in April, Nintendo Switch Sports has gotten a lot of criticism for lacking in content. With fewer sports than games like Wii Sports Resort and basic features locked behind future updates, the title became a prime example of Nintendo’s ‘release it barebones and update it later philosophy’.

And one major reason for that was the lack of golf in said game. Indeed, despite every Wii Sports game prior having the sport playable from the start, golf was nowhere to be seen in the original version of Switch Sports, with the only info given by Nintendo about it was that it was being added later in the year. It was a depressing situation, and one that really hurt the quality of the game overall.

But now things are about to get better. Why? Because just a couple of days ago, Nintendo announced that Golf would be added to the game on the 28th of November 2022! Here’s the post about it from their Twitter page:

So if you’re holding off on the game due to the lack of golf, now’s your chance. It still won’t be the best game in the world, but hey, it’ll be at least a little more worth it than it was previous nonetheless.

Still, what do you think about this? Are you happy to see golf added to Nintendo Switch Sports? What will it take to get you to play the game again, if you bought it in the past?

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The Nintendo Switch Golf Update is Coming on November 28th (Twitter)

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