Fan Creates Banjo-Kazooie/Luigi’s Mansion Crossover ROM Hack

Fan Creates Banjo-Kazooie/Luigi’s Mansion Crossover ROM Hack

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have Banjo and Kazooie explore Luigi’s Mansion? How the setting of the aforementioned ‘survival horror’ series would translate into a 3D collectathon platformer?

If so, it seems you’re in luck. That’s because Jackson Game Studios (aka JacksonG13) has made a Banjo-Kazooie hack called Grunty’s Mansion, which is a crossover between the series complete with aesthetics, music and puzzles inspired by the Luigi’s Mansion series! Check out their release trailer for the hack here:

YouTube player

Plus Mark Kurko’s full walkthrough of the hack via the link below:

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As you can see, it’s a very close representation. You’ve got note doors replacing the main area doors in the mansion, battles with Banjo-Kazooie bosses in arenas based on Chauncey’s Crib and the Graveyard from the Bogmire battle…

Heck, you’ve even got Luigi’s Mansion themed puzzles too. Like one where you play musical instruments in order for a Jiggy, like you usually do to activate the Melody Piantissima battle in the original game.

So check out the videos above if you want to see more of the game…

Download the patch for the game at Jackson Game Studios’ GameJolt page here…

Then leave your thoughts on it in the comments below, and on our Discord server today!


Banjo Kazooie Hack Grunty’s Mansion Release + Download (YouTube)

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