Custom Stickers Are Already Being Modded Into Mario Party Superstars!

Mario Party Superstars Modded Stickers

Oh damn, that was quick! Yep, as the title suggests, we’re even getting mods for Mario Party Superstars before the game’s even been released. And this time, those mods involve the sticker system.

You see, in Mario Party Superstars you can use stickers at any point in the game. These stickers display emotes with the faces of various characters on them, and can be used to react to things like rival ambushes, stolen coins or stars, won/lost mini games. The usual stuff.

But if you want to go further still, it seems you’re in luck. Cause for whatever reason, the stickers are apparently really easy to replace too, letting you add any images you like into a hacked version of the game. It’s pretty amusing really, especially when your usual internet meme/reaction images pop up at random points in the game:

Mario Party Superstars Modded Stickers
Or when you use images that Nintendo would never let anywhere NEAR an E rated game…

Caption: Or when you use images that Nintendo would never let anywhere NEAR an E rated game…

So check out the topic about it from nachuz on Reddit here…

Then stay tuned for more information when they reveal how to actually do this.

Regardless, what do you think? Are you impressed that people are already modding Mario Party Superstars? What kinds of content do you wish fans would add into the game?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Discord server today!


Modding Stickers Into The Game is Pretty Easy (Reddit)


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