Classic Boards and Mini Games Return With Mario Party: Superstars!

Mario Party Superstars

Rejoice Mario Party fans! It seems that Nintendo’s working on the game of your dreams, at least based on today’s E3 presentation! That’s because in the presentation today Mario Party: Superstars was announced for Nintendo Switch, complete with all the best boards and mini games from past games.

Including such boards as Peach’s Birthday Cake from Mario Party 1, Space Land from Mario Party 2 and Woody Woods from Mario Party 3, the game faithfully remakes all the boards and mechanics in the Super Mario Party engine, complete with the characters from the latter. What’s more, it also includes online for all modes too. Meaning that if you wanted to play the board game mode online, now you can do just that!

So check out the trailer below:

Watch some more footage via Nintendo Treehouse here:

Then tell us your thoughts on the title in the comments below and on the Gaming Reinvented Discord server today!


Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021


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