Choosing your painting in Minecraft??

Choosing your painting in Minecraft??

That’s right Minecraft fans, after years of begging Mojang to end our artistic suffering, they’ve finally added the ability to choose between individual paintings BEFORE placing them down, eliminating the repeated trial-and-error method we were using before!

As stated in Minecraft’s Latest Snapshot Release Post, Creative Mode players who search for paintings in the inventory, will discover each individual painting named and attributed to its original artist, all as separate inventory items! Even if you started playing Minecraft¬†yesterday, you already know how irritating it is to know exactly which painting you want, and then you have to sit there for about five minutes routinely placing and destroying paintings until you get the correct one.

Then, once you finally have the correct painting, you destroy it on reflex before you’ve had time to process what you just did – we’ve all made that mistake.

Below, you can see what all the paintings look like in the Functional Blocks tab:

The Functional Blocks inventory with all of the painting variants available as separate itemsRight now, they all have the same inventory sprite, but who knows – that could change when the next full release comes out!

Either way, this is a super useful feature that many of us have wanted since we started playing Minecraft – How many of YOU will be using this feature all the time??

The original painting item now has a tooltip that describes it as a “random variant”

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