Bowser Jr Has Now Been Modded Into Mario Party Superstars!

Bowser Jr Has Now Been Modded Into Mario Party Superstars!

Do you ever wish Bowser Jr was in Mario Party Superstars? Feel like the original game’s roster was a bit lacking overall?

If so, you might be interested in this new mod for the game! Developed by Sgt Spike, the mod adds Bowser Jr to the game and makes him a playable character.

But it’s not just any old character mod. Spike hasn’t just swapped in Bowser Jr’s model into the game and called it a day.

No, they did everything necessary to make him a proper character.

This includes adding all his animations from games like Super Mario Party, adding custom voice clips for everything, and even making new stickers and results screens for the characters. This makes him really feel like a Nintendo character, and the mod feel like official DLC. It’s really cool actually, and well worth trying out for fans of the Koopa prince.

So check out the video here:

YouTube player

Download the mod here if you’re interested in playing it:

Bowser Jr Character Mod (Game Banana)

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Mario Party Superstars [Bowser Jr. Playable Character Mod – Random Gameplay]

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