Awesome Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Shows New Content!

Awesome Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Shows New Content!

Well, as expected, Nintendo posted the final trailer for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And well, what can we even say here? It’s everything a fan might want from a trailer, and one of their best ads since the Switch Presentation back in 2017. Here’s the video if you (somehow) haven’t seen it already:

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As you can see, there’s a lot to take in here. We’ve got new enemies and bosses, including the return of a familiar Zelda 1 boss. There’s a better look at Ganondorf, who is shown in his full glory for the first time in god knows how many years. And with things like the Champion team ups, extensive underground dungeons and crazy mech fight mechanics, there’s enough here to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Tears of the Kingdom is far more than mere DLC for the original Breath of the Wild.

But that level of analysis won’t be found here. We’ll be covering it soon sure, but it’ll be in a video on our YouTube channel sometime in the next week or so.

Instead, we’re gonna look at just the best bits, and point out some of the most awesome parts of the whole video.

Starting with the giant Gerudo demon king in the room, Ganondorf. Yep, he’s back in his full glory this time, and he even has some incredible artwork released for him by Nintendo too:

Ganondorf Returns

Here’s Ganondorf’s restored appearance in the trailer…

Ganondorf Artwork

And here’s his amazing artwork! Damn he looks badass!

What can we even add here, he looks incredible. Indeed, with a design that seems to take inspiration from his Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and even Hyrule Warriors incarnations, it’s clear that Nintendo wanted to make the best version of Ganondorf in the history of the series for this title, and they succeeded splendidly.

They also succeeded in something else too. Namely, giving the modern champions a much more interesting role than the last game.

Since despite their cool designs and concepts, they usually didn’t do much in Breath of the Wild. Sidon appeared around Zora’s River and helped with Vah Ruta sure, but the rest had roles that could best be described as “you helped them out a bit, they helped defeat a Divine Beast, and they became irrelevant for the rest of the game”.

But that’s not the case here. Nope, they seem to actually join Link on his quest this time around, and he actually fights enemies and bosses alongside them in the overworld too, complete with said champions having their abilities from Age of Calamity. It’s an awesome setup, and the best possible reason to bring back Prince Sidon.

Fighting Alongside Sidon

Admit it, you wanted this is in the first game

Oh, and they have cool artwork too. Check out that below:

They’ve also got a lot more interesting enemy variety here as well. Like that Gleeok from the Bridge of Hylia, who we seem to fight alongside the Champions. Or this menacing ice dragon from the Hebra region. Or whatever the hell this purple demon dragon creature is on the floating islands…

It’s like Nintendo looked at the enemy variety issues in the last game, and said “you know what? Fine, we’ll triple the number of enemy types you face here!”

Finally, we’ve gotta talk Ultrahand. Or at least, Ultrahand built mechs.

Since for whatever reason, it seems like we’ll be fighting in giant robot battles against bosses like Stone Taluses this time around, and it looks as goofy and ridiculous as you’d ever imagine:

ToTK Mech Battle

Is that a goddamn mech battle in a Zelda game?

And we’re 100% for it here. I mean, you’ve seen how freaking incredible the giant battles are from the Mario & Luigi series right?

Or how goddamn epic the music that plays in those is?

Well, if we can get that for Zelda we’re all for it. Just imagine a giant Link mech punching an equally giant Ganon straight through Hyrule Castle, or rapid fire punching a Gleeok or Zonai golem in the face over and over again. Or hurling overworld bosses into orbit. Or heck, a full on defence mission where Link defends Hateno or Kakariko against armies of monsters like Bokoblins, Moblins and Lynels in the same way as the Divine Beast ones in Age of Calamity.

The possibilities really are endless, and we seriously hope Nintendo went all out with them there.

Either way, that’s the latest trailer for the game. It’s an awesome watch, and one of the best videos the company has posted since the Switch Presentation one back in 2017.

So what do you think about it? Does it make you excited to try out Tears of the Kingdom? What moments were your favourites here?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, on social media (or again) on our Discord server today!


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #3 (YouTube)

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