Are We Getting a New Nintendo Direct Soon?

Are We Getting a New Nintendo Direct Soon?

Well, it’s that time again. Yep, just a week after we got a Nintendo Direct about Super Mario Bros Wonder, we’ve already got people speculating that another one is on the cards.

With the leading theory being that it’ll be next week. This is for a few different reasons, namely:

  1. The Tokyo Game Show is coming soon, so there’s the possibility Nintendo will want to announce some stuff before that happens.
  2. Nintendo Directs are a common thing in September, and a general one hasn’t occurred yet
  3. At least one game developer has mentioned an announcement coming on Thursday next week, which lines up well with a possible Direct.

Hence there’s definitely some logic there. But could it happen? Especially this close to the Super Mario Bros Wonder presentation?

Honestly, we’re not sure. On the one hand, another event so close to the previous one does feel a bit crazy to us. It feels like we’re not getting the time to really think about Wonder, or keep it in the public consciousness.

Yet at the same time that might be why this timing is accurate. After all, Super Mario Bros Wonder is a big deal, and it’s something that could have easily been the focus of the whole presentation. So perhaps Nintendo thought it’d be best to split Wonder into its own thing, and focus on stuff like Super Mario RPG, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Switch and that unnamed Princess Peach game instead.

Luigi's Mansion Switch Screenshot

Especially given how minimal the graphics updates seem to be here

On a negative note, the lack of new game possibilities makes us question it too. Like, we already know exactly what games we’re getting this year, and it’s one of Nintendo’s best lineups in years. What exactly is left to announce here? Maybe a Zelda port if we’re lucky, or something like Kid Icarus or Xenoblade Chronicles X on Switch…

But those all feel like longshots, and there’s not much space in the schedule for them either. So that’s another point against it, unless this is a ‘games coming in 2024’ type deal.

Still, it feels like the possibility of a Direct in the next week or two is there, and it would make sense based on Nintendo’s previous history. It’s just a matter of if there’s enough room for anything new, or whether it’s a bit too close to the Wonder one for Nintendo’s liking.

Either way, what do you think? Could we see a new Direct next week? Or is this too early for one?

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A traditional Direct is rumoured for next week before Tokyo Game Show 2023 (My Nintendo News)

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