A New Pokemon Presents Is Coming Next Monday!

A New Pokemon Presents Is Coming Next Monday!

As you know, Pokemon content was pretty much non existent in the previous Nintendo Direct. Oh sure, we got news of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo Switch Online, and there was the potential of then appearing on those services in future…

But actual Pokemon content was nowhere to be seen. There were no updates on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet or its DLC, no info about older games coming back to the Switch, and no reveals for spinoffs.

However, it seems there’s a reason for that. Why? Because as announced on Twitter this morning, a new Pokemon Presents video is coming this Monday at 2pm UK time! Here are the announcements about it from the American:


And Japanese social media channels:

As you can see, it’s a pretty long one too. Indeed, with the Japanese tweet saying it’s 25 minutes long (and other regions flagging it as about 20 minutes in length), this is the second longest Pokemon Presents video in history. That’s pretty exciting for fans, and opens up lots of room for interesting news and announcements.

But what will actually be included here?

Well, we all know that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have something shown. The games already have info about Paradox Pokemon that are impossible to get in the games, as well as a mysterious legendary found underneath Area Zero. So it’s likely those questions will get answered, assuming they’re not gonna save it for an inevitable second set of DLC later in the year.

Paradox Suicuine from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Will this guy officially get announced soon?

And there’s also quite a bit of room for anime info too. After all, Ash has left the series (or is at leaving very soon), and there’s a whole new show to reveal with its own unique cast of characters. Hence it’s probable we’ll see something about that too, like what the protagonists are actually aiming to do in said series, or other details about how the stories are going to work here.

Artwork from the new Pokemon anime

We’ve got to learn more about this series, right?

Let’s not forget Switch Online stuff either. Oh no, with Game Boy games on the service now, it’s entirely likely that Pokemon will follow suite, just like in the 3DS era with the Virtual Console. So if it does, it’s possible we’ll see gen 1 added to the service at around the time of the presentation, with the future games penciled in for down the line.

And then there are all the unknowns and possible reveals. Detective Pikachu 2, Pokemon Sleep, whatever the next remake is, a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game… all these are either in limbo or planned at some point or another, and the Presents seems like the perfect time to reveal them.

Still, what do you think? Are you excited for the Pokemon Presents when it airs on February 27th? What news and reveals do you want to see here?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Discord server today!


Pokemon Presents Announcement for February 27th (Twitter)

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