A New Pokemon Direct is Coming Tomorrow at 2PM

A New Pokemon Direct is Coming Tomorrow at 2PM

A while ago, it was mentioned that the next generation of Pokemon games (generation 8) would be heading to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

Which is all to be expected given the Switch’s status. After all, new Pokemon generations always come out on new Nintendo consoles a few years after their launch, and with the Switch approaching its third year, the timing was right for the Pokemon series there.

However, despite the release late closing it, we didn’t get much actual information about the new main series titles prior to that point. Oh sure, we got hints alongside Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee announcements, and it kept coming up in interviews, but Game Freak never actually showed any footage of the titles, nor any media related to them.

But tomorrow, that’s all going to change. Because as the title suggests, a new Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct is being shown at 2pm, with the focus presumably being on the generation 8 titles. Here’s the official announcement about it from Nintendo’s UK subsidiary:

As well as the related ones from Nintendo of America:

And Nintendo Co Ltd in Japan:

Said Direct will apparently contain 7 minutes of new information too, hinting that it’ll be more of a brief introduction to the titles than a detailed overview. It’ll also be livestreamed, meaning that it’s likely the new stuff won’t be all that’ll be shown there.

So that’s when it’ll be and how much will be in it. But what could be included in such a Direct?

Well, based on our experience with Nintendo Directs (especially Pokemon specific ones), we’d hazard a guess that this Direct will introduce the following elements:

  1. The names and logos of the two main series titles
  2. The legendary Pokemon found on the box art of said titles
  3. Three starter Pokemon for the games
  4. Plus maybe some basic background info about the region as a whole. if we’re lucky this means there’ll be a hint at the new villainous team, gyms or other stuff, if less so it’ll just be ‘here’s what the region is called, what real world location its inspired by and a few shots showing it in game’.
YouTube player

Caption: Here’s what we got for a Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal back in 2016…

Other than that, we feel it’s best to keep our expectations low at this point. Again, Nintendo doesn’t just do a massive info blow out for a game’s first trailer, and that’s doubly the case where Pokemon is concerned.
Don’t expect anything massive just yet, since they’ll need that material to fill out presentations throughout the rest of the year.

Either way, you can find a full list of times per region below:

Region Direct Time
UK (GMT) 2pm
US (PT) 6am
US (EST) 9am
Europe (CET) 3pm
Japan (JST) 11pm

And we’ll have more info when it airs tomorrow.

So what do you think about all this? Are you interested to see what the next generation of Pokemon titles may bring? What do you actually expect to see in the initial reveal trailer?

Tell us your thoughts on the matter (and anything else gaming related you may be interested in) down in the comments below or over on social media today!


Pokemon Direct Announcement (Nintendo UK on Twitter)

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