A New Indie World Showcase Presentation is Coming Tomorrow!

A New Indie World Showcase Presentation is Coming Tomorrow!

When it comes down to it, the last year has been incredible for games on Nintendo Switch. With Super Mario Bros Wonder, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4 having already been released this year, and Super Mario RPG coming in just a few days, you can’t go anyway without tripping over another future classic.

And it’s been just as good for indie games too. Whether it’s Sea of Stars or Dave the Diver, Dredge or Cassette Beasts, the number of great indie titles this year is nearly as high as the triple A ones.

But it seems like things might get even more exciting soon. Why? Because at random, Nintendo has announced a new Indie World Showcase for tomorrow, with even more info and footage of upcoming indie games for the console! Here’s the announcement if you haven’t seen it already:

So yeah, we’re getting 20 minutes of info on upcoming games tomorrow. But what do we want to see?

To be honest? Just the usual stuff really. Hollow Knight: Silksong, Pizza Tower, the usual great indie games we’ve been hoping for in a Direct or presentation so far. Who knows which one will make it onto Switch next, but we’re at least hoping for one of them in the near future anyway.

Heck, maybe if we’re truly lucky, we’ll learn that Lobodestroyo is still in development and has a Switch release date penned in somewhere. It’s not likely, but with the craziness of this year’s announcements, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility.

Still, the presentation is coming tomorrow, and it’s sure to have some very exciting announcements in it. So what are you guys hoping to see? What indie games do you think will be included in tomorrow’s event anyway?

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A New Indie World Showcase is Airing Tomorrow (Nintendo of America on Twitter)

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