A New Indie World Showcase is Happening This Wednesday!

A New Indie World Showcase is Happening This Wednesday!

Damn, it sure is one hell of a week for announcements, isn’t it? Indeed, not only are we getting a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer tomorrow, but we’re also getting an Indie World Showcase presentation the day after as well!

Yep, as the official Twitter account points out, a new presentation will air this Wednesday at 9pm PT, complete with about 25 minutes of info on indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch! Here’s the announcement about it in its original form:

As well as a list of times the presentation will take place for each region:

Timezone Trailer Posting Time
PT 9am
EST 12pm
GMT 5pm

As you can see, it’s pretty exciting to say the least! 25 minutes is pretty long for a presentation like this, and provides plenty of room for upcoming games. We’re not sure what those will be (though sadly, the chances of Hollow Knight: Silksong appearing are slim to none), but they’re sure to be neat nonetheless. Maybe we’ll get another Nintendo tie in, like Cadence of Hyrule here?

Either way, if you’re interested in the video, check it out when it goes live this Wednesay…

Then check back on Gaming Reinvented for our thoughts on the presentation later that same day! It’s going to be an awesome watch for sure.


Indie World Showcase Announced for November 9th (Twitter)


  1. What a bad end to the article. Shame for making a typo! Don’t forget to notice and fix!

    • I don’t want a word that’s misspelled. Come on CM30. I want it fixed CM30. Fixed. Fix the typo now.

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