A New Indie World Showcase Is Coming Tomorrow!

A New Indie World Showcase Is Coming Tomorrow!

Well, it’s not exactly a Nintendo Direct, but we’ll take it nonetheless! Because yep, as the title says, Nintendo has just announced that a new Indie World Showcase video will air tomorrow at 5pm UK time, with information about various new indie gamres for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the announcement for it from Nintendo UK:

Nintendo of America:

And Nintendo of Japan:

There’s not much info here, but given the length of the presentation, we’re gonna hazard a guess and say quite a few games will be featured at tomorrow’s event.

So check out when it airs in the table below:

Region Nintendo Direct Time
UK (GMT) 5pm
US (PST) 9am
US (ET) 12pm
Europe (CEST) 7pm

Then check back online tomorrow for a look at the Switch’s future indie game prospects! It’s gonna be great!


New Indie World Showcase Announced for December 15th (Nintendo UK on Twitter)

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