A Modder is Recreating Master Mode in Tears of the Kingdom

A Modder is Recreating Master Mode in Tears of the Kingdom

For better or worse, DLC isn’t being released for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. As a result, the ability to play master mode in this version of Hyrule isn’t officially supported by Nintendo, at least as far as their current plans are concerned.

But where Nintendo falters, the fans step in. Why? Because a modder by the name of Echocolat is making a mod that adds master mode to the game. Here’s the link to the mod on GameBanana:

Master Mode – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (GameBanana)

As you can see, it’s already got a fair few neat features built in. Gold versions of Tears of the Kingdom enemies are present, including added species like Horriblins and Boss Bokoblins. Certain extra items and features have been added to go with them, including placeholder compendium entries and Gold Lizalfos Tails with a serious boost in attack power.

And as far as the mechanics go, they’ve been integrated into the existing systems well too, with all enemies in game being ranked up to the next level and silver enemies set to auto upgrade to gold ones once a certain amount of ‘world level’ points have been obtained. It’s a pretty good effort, and certainly the start of a promising new way to play the game.

So if you want an extra challenge in Tears of the Kingdom, check it out. Download the master mode mod for the game, and make your replayed file that much more interesting today.

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