A Mario Movie Teaser is Coming Soon!

A Mario Movie Teaser is Coming Soon!

Wow, we really haven’t seen much of the Mario movie, have we? Oh sure, we got a confirmation it was happening, and a list of the voice actors who’d be playing character in it…

But footage of the movie itself has been few and far between. Indeed, since the reveal in 2018, the only thing we’ve actually seen of it is the ? block poster and the character icons. It’s pretty strange really, especially for a movie this hyped up.

Yet things will now change. Why? Because as announced on Twitter, the first teaser trailer for the movie will be shown at this year’s New York Comic Con! Here’s the tweet about it from the convention’s official account:

Which confirms it’ll air on October 6th at 4pm ET. So get ready folks! We’ll be seeing the movie for the first time very soon!


Mario Movie Teaser Trailer (New York Comic Con on Twitter)

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