A Demo for WarioWare: Get It Together is Now Available on the Switch eShop

WarioWare Get It Together

Interested in WarioWare: Get It Together? Not sure if the microgame collection is really for you when it gets released on Nintendo Switch in September 2021?

Well if so, you’re in luck! Because as the title suggests, Nintendo have now released a demo for the game. This demo can be found on the Switch eShop, and will give you access to a few of the microgames (and story scenes) from the title. Here’s the post about it from Nintendo’s Twitter account:

As well as a quick video showing some gameplay from said demo (via AbdallahSmash026 on YouTube):

So check it out! It’s a nice taster of the game to come, and hopefully gives you an idea of what WarioWare: Get It Together will offer when it launches on September 10th 2021!


WarioWare: Get It Together Demo Announcement (Nintendo on Twitter)


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