Welcome Back to Gaming Reinvented!

Welcome Back to Gaming Reinvented!

Hey folks, we’re back! Yep, we’re now ready to post more stories here at Gaming Reinvented, and plan to take both the site and YouTube channel to a whole new level.

So here’s how it’s going to work.

Basically, we’ve realised that the original concept for this site just… wasn’t really working out the way we intended. Indeed, despite the gap in the market for a better Medium style platform and paid video game content, no one really came to Gaming Reinvented for either of those things, and it seems like our attempts to push said features fell on deaf ears as a result.

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, while things were booming with Breath of the Wild content for a few years or so, that too has slowed down in recent months. Probably because the original game is now 5 years old, and the sequel got delayed so much that no one even knows what’s going on with it anymore.

Hence we’ve decided to revitalise both of those things. Here’s how:

First, we’re gonna try and vary up the channel with more opinion videos in addition to BoTW glitches and tutorials. That’s because these are the types of videos we want to make more of, and provide a way to work with other creators too. For instance, we’re planning on covering Game Builder Garage with Dom from VideoDojo, the Mario Party series with SuperZambezi of Mario Party Legacy, etc.

Secondly, we’re gonna stop covering news as often here on the main site. It’s useful filler content sure, but for the most part no one really reads it, and only care for the interviews and other unique content. Hence you can expect more… interesting pieces here, rather than generic stories about the latest Pokemon or Mario or Sonic game announcements.

Finally, in future we’re gonna redesign the whole site too. This will probably not involve WordPress anymore, an will transition the site from a user content focused setup to a more traditional news site one with a more professional design.

So welcome back to Gaming Reinvented, and we hope to have lots more interesting stuff here and on the channel later this week!

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