Ten Underrated Gaming Channels to Check Out Before 2019

Ten Underrated Gaming Channels to Check Out Before 2019

When it comes to gaming on YouTube, there are no shortage of fantastic channels to check out. From the Angry Video Game Nerd to Boundary Break, from Beta64 to Game Maker’s Toolkit, there are numerous fantastic channels with thousands or even millions of subscribers, many with their own interesting takes on the medium.

However, popularity and quality don’t always correlate with each other. For every big name there are ten more that escape notice, and the sheer amount of content on YouTube means great content will inevitably slip between the tracks. Indeed, as our previous two lists point out, there are numerous smaller channels putting out high quality videos to an audience in the low thousands or below, many of whom genuinely compete with the big guys and deserve all the same popularity.

So here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve decided to give a shout out to a few more of them. Starting with an interesting upcoming channel on unreleased games and video game history…

10. Jenovi

Topic: Video Game Impressions, Gaming History
Subscribers: 4,361

Namely, Jenovi. A YouTuber whose focus is very much geared towards the 32X and other obscure systems.

He covers unreleased games for the former:

YouTube player

Talks about marketing campaigns run by Sega:

YouTube player

And even goes deep into the history of controversial games with this video too:

YouTube player

There’s a lot to see here, and if you’re after another retro gaming channel, it’s well worth checking out because of it.

9. Skip the Tutorial

Topic: Video Game Design
Subscribers: 13,252

Still, enough of the trivia for the time being. Time for a bit of game design.

Yes, we know. We’ve done this subject to death on Gaming Reinvented too, especially given how every single underrated YouTuber list we put out has at least one or two game design channels on it.

But can you blame us? It’s a topic that doesn’t usually do well on YouTube and Twitch, as well as one that offers far more fascinating content than anything your WatchMojos or their ilk will ever put out. Really, it’s the type of content that arguably should do well, but won’t because the world’s a terrible place obsessed with celebrity culture and screaming at other people over their political views.

However, while the world may not be fair, we can be. So for this entry in the list, we’ve got an intriguing new game design channel known as Skip the Tutorial. Well, we say new.
Technically it’s been around for about 5 months now, and racked up a fairly impressive number of videos in the process.

But they’re interesting ones none the less, and ones people should definitely check out. Want to know how Paper Mario Color Splash’s bosses could be made better without completely replacing the battle system?

There’s a video for that.

YouTube player

Want to know how bosses should be designed for racing games? Again, there’s a video for that too.

YouTube player

And the list just goes on and on. From K Rool’s moveset in Smash Bros to fan game boss design and gym leaders in Pokémon games, Skip the Tutorial takes on everything and anything you can think of about modern games and their design strengths and weaknesses.

YouTube player

So if you’re interested in another taste of game design goodness after Game Maker’s Toolkit or Extra Credits, check ‘em out. You won’t be disappointed!

8. theballaam96SRL

Topic: Donkey Kong 64 Bugs/Speedruning
Subscribers: 199

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who goes for depth over variety, perhaps our next channel may be more your style. Because theballaam96SRL is a YouTuber with a very unique focus.

Put simply, he’s Pannenkoek2012 or Stryder7X’s equivalent for Donkey Kong 64. He’s the kind of guy who spends hours going through DK64 with a fine toothed comb, working out of every little that makes the game tick.

Like in this video, where he goes through and patches the various major glitches and skips out of the game:

YouTube player

Or these ones, where he takes on as much of the game as possible without getting new moves from Cranky Kong, Funky Kong or Candy Kong:

YouTube player

Heck, he’s even worn his Stryder7x inspiration on his sleeve with this video, where he finds that waiting 12,800 years for a cutscene to play is perfectly fine:

YouTube player

There’s quite a lot to see here, and while it’s not the best channel ever in terms of production quality, it’s one with a lot of charm and potential none the less. Definitely one to look into if you’ve got fond memories of playing Donkey Kong 64 back in the olden days.

7. Arcadology

Topic: Video Game Documentaries
Subscribers: 4,527

But hey, enough about speedrunning and glitches for now. What if you’re more of a fan of long form documentaries and journalism?

Well, Arcadology will have you covered there! Yep, as the name suggests, it’s a whole channel of video game documentaries based on a plethora of interesting topics. Like this one, about the history of Super Mario Bros 2 and its development:

YouTube player

Or this one on the history of Dark Souls:

YouTube player

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s tons on this channel, from interviews from game developers to podcasts on moral panics in the industry, and they’re all worth checking out. It’s especially good for Gaming Historian fans, since Arcadology is basically the same thing except slightly less popular, down to the whole longform documentary format and overall presentation.

So if you’re a fan of gaming history (or just have an hour to spare here or there), go and check out of his videos. Because there are some damn good documentaries going unnoticed over there, and they all deserve your attention far more than yet another WatchMojo list or pathetic reaction video.

6. Seii

Topic: Video Game Remixes and Fan Game Tunes
Subscribers: 1,862

Onto another video game music channel now. This time, by the name of Seii.

However, this isn’t your usual remix channel. No, it doesn’t just contain remixes based on existing games.

It contains remixes and tunes for others too. Like Paper Mario Colours of Creation.
Sound familiar?

Oh, of course not. The game doesn’t exist, at least not yet.

Yet it’s music does, and for a fan game, it’s surprisingly good. For instance, it’s got these cracking remixes of familiar Luigi’s Mansion songs:

YouTube player

As well as a fair few more original ones to boot. Like the one below for a Shy Guy run Wild West town:

YouTube player

Or this one for the game’s main hub area:

YouTube player

So if you’re after something a bit more original, check ‘em out. They’re great songs, and make for a lovely glimpse in a world where Paper Mario didn’t get killed by Paper Mario Sticker Star.

5. KevinVG2017

Topic: Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks/Mods
Subscribers: 8,400

If you’re more of a Mario Kart fan though, well don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there too.

Because KevinVG2017 has some pretty damn neat videos about the game and both its in game discoveries and hacks. Like this one where he remakes a somewhat archaic custom track on camera:

YouTube player

Or this video series where he takes on the missions in a Mario Kart Wii mod called the Mario Kart Wii Variety Pack:

YouTube player

Add to these everything from his own Road to 9999VR Challenge to videos on Mario Maker and LEGO Racers, and you’ve got a channel with quite the repertoire to check out!

4. Particular Mushroom

Topic: Super Mario Sunshine Glitches and Easter Eggs
Subscribers: 14,834

Still, it’s not just multiplayer games or Donkey Kong 64 who have their hardcore fans nowadays. Nope, it seems Super Mario Sunshine has its fanatics too, with Particular Mushroom’s channel having some of the most interesting videos about the game we’ve ever seen. Like this very detailed look at all kinds of bugs and oddities in Ricco Harbour:

YouTube player

Or these ones for Delfino Plaza and Pianta Village respectively:

YouTube player
YouTube player

That’s not all either. No, he’s also done a bit of video game reviewing with Super Mario Odyssey:

YouTube player

And taken on challenges in Yoshi’s Story too:

YouTube player

All of which are fascinating to watch, and some of the best in their class overall. It really does make for a fantastic channel, and one that desperately needs more attention in general.

Unfortunately, it seems that’s not going to happen on its own. Why?

Because Particular Mushroom… is kinda slow. He takes a damn long time to make videos, likely in part because of the sheer amount of effort every single one takes to produce. After all, these aren’t surface level secrets in Sunshine. These are things that need actual research to test and figure out.

But that’s not something YouTube rewards. No, YouTube (like every other platform of note) rewards consistency.

And that only happens if you upload regularly. Like, twice a week rather than 15 videos in 3 years or so.

Hence the lack of popularity right now. The videos are good, but they’re not quick, and platforms reward being quick over being thorough.

So give him your support instead. Show the folks at Google that effort is actually rewarded.

3. Tater Tot Tunes

Topic: 8-Bit Video Game Music Remixes

Subscribers: 21,061

Or if you want something a bit more regular with the updates, maybe check out the next channel on the list instead. Because unlike Particular Mushroom, Tater Tot Tunes is not a slow poster. Indeed, over the last few years or so, he’s made dozens of remixes of Nintendo songs both classic and new.

And they’re really good ones too. Check out his Odyssey remixes if you need some examples:

YouTube player
YouTube player
YouTube player

Or the ones he did based on Paper Mario Color Splash:

YouTube player
YouTube player

They’re fantastic renditions of the songs in 8-bit instruments, and the cute artwork on the videos just makes them all the better.

So check out his work if you’re interested, and maybe give his interview with us a read too!

2. Nintendo’s Cut Content with Dr. Lava

Topic: Unused Content in Nintendo Games
Subscribers: 11,365

Back to retro gaming and development history now, with another interesting upcoming channel about unused content in games. This time, presented by maniacal mad scientist Dr Lava!

However, the ‘good’ doctor doesn’t just cover the same old clichés you’ve heard a million times before.

No, he goes deep in the games he covers, finding facts even we didn’t know in the process.

Like some of these early ideas from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild:

YouTube player

Or the Pokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld Demo:

YouTube player

Or even how Epona was apparently supposed to be Mario’s mount in Super Mario 64:

YouTube player

Yeah, we didn’t initially believe that either. Epona? Outside of Zelda? That sounds insane!

But it’s real, and in another world, we could have seen horses become a regular part of the Mario series instead of the Zelda one. It’s just another example of the fascinating what could have beens every Nintendo game has, and Dr Lava’s channel is packed to bursting with them.

So for fans of unused content, give it a look. You’re sure to find loads of information you didn’t know in the process!

1. Designing For

Topic: Video Game Design

Subscribers: 1,728

Still, as great as the doctor’s channel may be, it’s not the top spot here. Instead, that honour goes to an interesting new game design channel simply known as Designing For.

And that’s because while many game design channels focus purely on the mechanical side, Designing For goes over the feel of the game too, with videos on how designers created levels and characters to fit certain roles, contrast previous games or make the player feel a certain emotion. Such as how in this one they discuss Wario Land 1’s Rice Beach and how it’s design is meant to contrast the style found in every typical Mario platformer:

YouTube player

Or how Conker’s Bad Fur Day sets itself up as a deconstruction of the typical cartoony 3D platformer in its first ever area:

YouTube player

There’s even a look at what may arguably be a badly designed Mario & Luigi area, with Designing For going into great detail about just why Joke’s End is such a slog to get through (and how the designers may have actually intended that to be the case):

YouTube player

Bonus points for having a sense of humour too, which is something you don’t seem all that often in game design videos. It’s especially amusing to hear the video creator get driven so insane by the Joke’s End music he actually stops the video, jokes around and outright switches it out for something better.

Or how in his revisit video, he doesn’t even bother going into the differences in any real depth:

YouTube player

Yes, it’s arguably a tad unprofessional, but come on. It’s Joke’s End. The music got a bit better in the remake, but the level design didn’t get fixed one jot, so what’s the point in another video? May as well just get it over with there and then.

Plus it’s YouTube. Sometimes you want an academic lecture (and that’s fine), but sometimes you just want a friend talking to about game design in a coffee shop setting. And that’s what this feels like. It feels like a friendly uni professor in a small classroom (or maybe a pub), looking at what could be dry material and adding a bit of fun to the whole affair with humour and creativity.

Top Gear Promo

Besides, let’s not forget how well making a complex subject area more accessible can be. Like with Top Gear.

Kudos Designing For. Kudos on both the fascinating game design thoughts presented in your videos and the way you present them in general. It definitely merits a spot on the top of the list.

However, we’re not done yet. Oh no, this time we’re gonna try something a bit new. Something that may be a bit more creative than just giving people a bunch of links and telling them to follow some people on Facebook and Twitter.

So get ready for the first Gaming Reinvented YouTube channel award. Namely, the Most Likely Breakout Success award!

Most Likely Breakout Success

Because you see, every time we’ve posted a video like this here, it’s usually done wonders for at least one or two people’s YouTube careers. For example, after being featured on the first one, Boundary Break, Slopes Game Room and Top Hat Gaming Man all hit the big time, going from having a couple of thousand subscribers and a developing fanbase to widespread acclaim in a matter of months.

And we just know one of the people on the above list will inevitably follow in their footsteps. That being…

Nintendo’s Cut Content with Dr. Lava

Yeah, it was a hard one to call. All the channels featured here make good content, and all of them feel like channels that could easily hit the big time given a bit more exposure on sites like Reddit and Twitter.

But Dr Lava… well he’s already starting to make waves right now. His work was featured on the Nintendo subreddit and got a decent amount of views and upvotes, it’s been mentioned on the Cutting Room Floor and its discussion channels a few times, and I’m 100% sure I’ve bumped into it elsewhere online too. The videos have also been steadily gaining in views too, with the subscriber count soaring upwards with every new upload.

This mirrors Shesez’s rise to fame pretty well, and leads us to believe the same people who supported his early work will likely support Lava’s early videos too. Additionally, the whole tone of the channel also seems to match what Nintendo fans want from a gaming YouTuber, with the ‘fictional character discusses real life gaming history’ aspect reminding me a lot of Arlo.

It just has all the right ingredients for success, and feels like another Boundary Break waiting to happen.

So that’s our prediction there and then. Dr Lava will become the next Shesez, and his channel could become the next big thing in the unused video game content world.

But what do you think about it?

Do you believe we’re right in our prediction? Or will one of the other great creators listed here be the success story of the moment instead?

Tell us your thoughts on our predictions (and the list as a whole) in a comment or on social media today. We’re always listening!

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