Merry Christmas From Gaming Reinvented!

Merry Christmas From Gaming Reinvented!

Well, as the title says, Merry Christmas everyone! Here at Gaming Reinvented we hope you have an amazing day, and that you get everything you wished for too.

Still, now the greetings are out of the way, we may as well give an update on the site and channel, how they’re going to work over Christmas, and our plans for the future.

Firstly, we’re not gonna post anything here or on YouTube until at least next Saturday, since we’d also like to celebrate Christmas with friends and family rather than behind a mouse and keyboard. So don’t expect any new articles or videos until at least New Year’s Day.

Once that does happen though? Well, you can expect all kinds of amazing things from the team here! We’ve got interviews planned with Nintendo composers and YouTube musicians. We’ve got a collab video about Breath of the Wild secrets with the amazing Oddheader. And hell, we’ve even got dozens of new BoTW glitch and what if videos planned out too.

It’s all happening in 2022, and if you want to be a part of it, you should definitely keep an eye on the site and channel once the new year begins.

So Merry Christmas from us here at Gaming Reinvented, and we’ll see you in the new year!

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