Let’s Liveblog… The February 2020 Nintendo Direct!

Let’s Liveblog… The February 2020 Nintendo Direct!

Well, it’s nearly Nintendo Direct time again here at Gaming Reinvented! And so like every time such a presentation occurs, we’ll be doing a full liveblog of the event, complete with our thoughts on every single trailer and announcement made within. From Super Smash Bros Ultimate newcomers to Zelda games, Paper Mario titles to Metroid ones, we’ll be discussing them and so much more when Nintendo airs their Direct tonight at 10pm.

Here’s where you can find the presentations we’ll be using for this, including the US one:

YouTube player

As well as the UK and Japanese equivalents:

YouTube player
YouTube player

We’ll be focusing on the US one due to the region our audience seems to be based in, but they’re all worth checking out nonetheless, since each region dedicates a different amount of time to each game and features a few games the other ones do not.

So check out the list of times below to find when those streams go live…

Then return here later to see our views on the presentation when it happens! It’s gonna be an amazing time!
Nintendo Direct Times

Region Nintendo Direct Time
UK (GMT) 10pm
US (PST) 2pm
US (ET) 5pm
Japan (JST) 7am (February 18th)
Europe (CEST) 11pm

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