Let’s Liveblog… The February 2020 Nintendo Direct!

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Well, it’s nearly Nintendo Direct time again here at Gaming Reinvented! And so like every time such a presentation occurs, we’ll be doing a full liveblog of the event, complete with our thoughts on every single trailer and announcement made within. From Super Smash Bros Ultimate newcomers to Zelda games, Paper Mario titles to Metroid ones, we’ll be discussing them and so much more when Nintendo airs their Direct tonight at 10pm.

Here’s where you can find the presentations we’ll be using for this, including the US one:

As well as the UK and Japanese equivalents:

We’ll be focusing on the US one due to the region our audience seems to be based in, but they’re all worth checking out nonetheless, since each region dedicates a different amount of time to each game and features a few games the other ones do not.

So check out the list of times below to find when those streams go live…

Then return here later to see our views on the presentation when it happens! It’s gonna be an amazing time!
Nintendo Direct Times

Region Nintendo Direct Time
UK (GMT) 10pm
US (PST) 2pm
US (ET) 5pm
Japan (JST) 7am (February 18th)
Europe (CEST) 11pm


Just wish we got a new Wario Land or WarioWare game too.

But I do want to know what the Age of Calamity DLC is like, and what Splatoon 2 is like, and what the new Mario Golf is like...

Personally I'm still more curious about BoTW 2 news later this year.

Either way, that's all from the Nintendo Direct this time! It's been pretty good.

And it's coming 2022. That's pretty soon all things considered. Damn, how did they keep this a secret?

That's one reveal the leaker had no idea about lol!

Yep, I genuinely did not see that coming at all. Looks like it could be good though.

Oh my god. Splatoon 3 out of nowhere?

A desert with a train does not shout Splatoon to me. So something very different is happening here.

Okay, what the hell?

Wait a new Splatoon game? What the hell?

Last game now!

It's available July 16th apparently.

Oh hey, Skyward Sword themed Joy-Cons too. That's nice I guess.

You tilt the right control stick for sword motions now.

Oh cool. You can use button only controls too, which is nice.

Seems the Joy-Cons replace the Wii Remote and Nunchuck here.

Nope, just standalone.

But will this be part of a collection or standalone?

Skyward Sword remastered? Yep, I called it.

More info is coming this year though.

More info is coming this year though.

Damn, not BoTW 2 news

Yep, it's Zelda stuff!

Apex Legends comes to Switch March 9th.

Comes April 15th.

Seems lots of classic RPGs are getting this treatment.

Saga Frontier is remastered too.

Looks pretty good to me

Newest Ghosts n Goblins comes February 25th.

Bravely Default 2 is coming February 26th, demo is available, trailer comes soon

Yeah, I called it too

Yep, an Expansion Pass with Purah and Robbie as playable characters

Oh hey Age of Calamity DLC!

It looks about as good as you'd expect though, and it's coming June 10th.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is heading to Switch apparently.

The extras are nice enough I guess, but to be honest, the game and format are probably the real selling point.

Oh hey Hades is receiving a physical release. That's cool, for those who don't like buying this awesome game as a digital download.

Seems like an interesting one when it comes to May 28th.

World's End Club now. Seems very much remniscient of another game I've seen...

Coming May 21st though.

Knockout City? Okay then.

Knockout City? Okay then.

What the hell even is this?

Star Wars Hunters is coming 2021.

Nice to see a demo will be available though.

Project Triangle Strategy will come 2022.

I do like the idea of battles taking place on terrain with mixed elevation. Seems a bit more... interesting than a typical tactical battle arena.

Hah they're feuding over salt. How appropriate.

Oh, it's a traditional RPG or something? I seriously don't recognise this game, yet they act like it's super famous.

Hmm, what's this?

It's a free update on February 25th, with items available March 1st.

The warp pipes actually work? That's pretty neat I say.

Oh hey Mario themed items are coming to New Horizons! Includes outfits based on characters, plus items as furniture.

It's coming May 21st.

You can get horses as an ally, which is neat I guess.

You can get horses as an ally, which is neat I guess.

Do people want to see this game brought back? I have literally no idea.

Do people want to see this game brought back? I have literally no idea.

Huh, didn't expect this game on Switch.

Oh wait, Miitopia now?

Hmm. Coming March, okay.

Oh no, it's Battle for Neighborville.

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare? Okay, that's unexpected.

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare? Okay, that's unexpected.

Launches June 4th.

But I guess it could be good for those who like this style and setting.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power? Okay then. Not really my kind of game I don't think.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power? Okay then. Not really my kind of game I don't think.

Either way, it launches Winter 2021.

Interesting to see you're going against demons in heaven though, so it's a neat concept in that sense.

Neon White now. Yeah, the rumours are lining up.

Comes August 27th.

Paying for entry fees with chores is interesting, and the battles all seem like they use different mechanics too.

You have to defeat alien assassins this time?

Travis Touchdown vs Aliens? Oh, is this what No More Heroes 3 is about?

Stubbs the Zombie is coming to Switch. As the rumours suggested.

Capcom Arcade Stadium is coming today. Seems decent enough, though nothing too exciting. Pricey too.

Launches March 24th

Includes all 5 episodes

Tales from the Borderlands coming to Switch.

Coming June 25th!

This reminds me of the GBA game, in a good way.

Oh nice! There's a story mode again!

And the name gives me Ultra Smash vibes.

Seems like the courses are a bit... generic for a Mario game.

Mario Golf Super Rush. Looks nice, but I'm worried.

Yeah! Mario Golf!

Yeah, Monster Hunter Rise.


Looks like more Monster Hunter now.

Looks like more Monster Hunter now.

Comes June 24. So... also summer.

Comes June 24. So... also summer.

Comes June 24. So... also summer.

Also, I love the theme music for this game. Probably cause it was in a lot of Super Mario World hacks!

Legend of Mana is being remastered too. Yep, the rumours were true.

Also coming this summer? How many games are coming this summer?

Samurai Warriors 5 now. Yep, the rumour looks true.

Samurai Warriors 5 now. Yep, the rumour looks true.

Oh it's May this time, not Summer. Well still summer, lol.

That's pretty awesome. Reminds of how Trials of Mana got localised.

Oh neat they're coming to America for the first time, and have been modernised for Switch.

Famicom Detective Club games now.

It's pretty neat looking I guess.

Hmm, I think I vaguely recall hearing about this game.

Outer Wilds now.

Summer 2021? That's way too late.

Seems like the game might be dead now though, lol.

Oh look, Fall Guys on Switch. Seems the leak is real.

Oh look, Fall Guys on Switch. Seems the leak is real.

This fighter is being released in March.

This fighter is being released in March.

Love that they haven't forgot about them.

Oh hey they're explaining the lack of Nintendo Directs now. Neat.

Hah they acknowledged Shulk's presence too.

Oh never mind. You can swap between them.

Seems like an echo fighter?

Oh of course Mythra appears too.

They chose Pyra over Rex? Okay...

Yep! It's a Smash Bros trailer!

Hmm is this Rex in Smash Bros? Or Xenoblade Chronicles X for Switch?

And we're off!

Covid-19 warning yay.

I also need to make the liveblog update even before an entry has been added.

Since we need to get this show on the road soon

Let's prepare the liveblog!

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