Super Mario Odyssey: Your Questions Answered!

With Super Mario Odyssey just a week away, it’s likely a lot of Nintendo fans have some burning questions about the title. After all, this is a massive game, and there are a ton of possibilities thanks to the new capture mechanic. Can you capture Bowser? Are the levels all as big as New Donk City? These questions and more haven’t really been answered in the Nintendo Directs or other trailers for the title, and they’re all ones Nintendo fans likely above it.

Fortunately for them then, we’ve got all the answers! So, if you’re confused about any of Super Mario Odyssey (or just have a few niggling doubts that need clearing up before it’s released), read on!


How many kingdoms are there in Super Mario Odyssey?

At least 17. If you want to know what they are, keep reading. If you don’t, skip ahead to the next question via this link.

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Cap Kingdom
  3. Cascade Kingdom
  4. Sand Kingdom
  5. Lake Kingdom
  6. Wooded Kingdom
  7. Cloud Kingdom
  8. Lost Kingdom
  9. Metro Kingdom
  10. Snow Kingdom
  11. Seaside Kingdom
  12. Luncheon Kingdom
  13. Ruined Kingdom
  14. Bowser’s Kingdom
  15. Moon Kingdom
  16. Dark Side of the Moon
  17. Darker Side of the Moon

If you’re wondering exactly what the last two are (and why their names are so odd), that’s the answer to a later question. Either way, there are at least 17 kingdoms we know about so far, with others potentially being revealed in the postgame.

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Super Mario Odyssey Leaks Reveal New Kingdom and Bosses!

Yesterday, screenshots and videos of Super Mario Odyssey started leaking online. Caused in part thanks to stores breaking street dates and LPers posting about the game early, it’s now gotten to the point where even things like story twists and the final boss are available online.

And hence we’ve decided to cover the new information here on Gaming Reinvented. So, if you’re interested in Super Mario Odyssey’s endgame (and don’t mind a few spoilers along the way), keep reading!

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Generation 3 Pokémon Are Coming to Pokémon GO in Halloween Event!

As you may recall, we previously wrote an article about how data for generation 3 Pokémon was present in the code for Pokémon GO. This data (when coupled with a new promo screen and a spooky Lavender Town remix) hinted that gen 3 species would be coming as part of a Halloween event later this year.

But as well backed up as this article was, it was still up in the air as to whether any of it would pan out. After all, generation 2 Pokémon were in the files for months before they were officially announced. And the exact same thing happened with everything from generation 3 to legendaries.

Datamines don’t prove anything concrete there.

So, while it was likely a Halloween event was in the foreseeable future, it was far from confirmed.

Well until now that is. Because as Niantic Labs have announced in a new trailer, generation 3 Pokémon are indeed being added to the game for 2017’s Halloween event! Here’s the official trailer for it:

As well as a link to the news article about it on their site.

Yeah, it’s a bit more limited than we initially thought. For now, the only generation 3 Pokémon being added to the game for the event are the ghost types, with others merely being announced as coming soon. It’s not like 100+ new species are being added in.

But it’s still a good update none the less. What’s more, like the Baby Pokemon update before it, it acts as a nice teaser for what’s coming afterwards. That’s better than nothing, right?

Yeah, we think so too.

So, if you’re a Pokémon GO fan, check out! The event will run from today to November 2nd, and you’ll be able to get all kinds of new Pokémon from it as a result.

Have fun with the event!


Halloween treats coming to Pokémon GO! (Official Pokémon GO News Blog)

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Are Last Pokémon Games on 3DS

From the minute they were announced, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been under fire for their choice of console. After all, the Nintendo Switch has been a massive success at launch, and it’s clear now that the 3DS Pokémon games barely run on the system at all. Just look at Pokemon Sun and Moon. The games lag like mad in every double battle!

But now it seems there’s good news ahead. That’s because in a new interview with IGN, Game Freak director Shigeru Ohmori has gone and said that they’re treating the new games as the last Pokémon games to be released on the 3DS.

Here’s his quote about the matter in full:

With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,” explains Ohmori, “we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits, and we’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out. So we’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

In other words, it ends with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Game Freak have decided they’ve pushed the 3DS as far as it can go, and they’re moving away from the console after the current titles are done.

Thank god for that. We were worried we’d be stuck with the 3DS for years to come.


Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Will Be Last Pokémon Titles on 3DS (IGN)

Nintendo Adds Video Capture Feature to the Nintendo Switch

Well, this sure came out of nowhere! The Nintendo Switch firmware has just been updated, and now the console has a built-in video capture feature!

Here’s a video showing the feature in action:

As you can tell, it’s not exactly a great implementation so far. The clips are limited to only 30 seconds in length, only a few games are supported (like Zelda, Mario Kart and ARMS) and generally it’s all as basic as can be.

It certainly won’t be competing with an actual capture card, that’s for sure.

But that doesn’t mean it’s useless either. Oh no, as a video game journalist, this is great news for me.


Well, think about it for a minute. How often do you think I find something interesting in a game, then realise I have no convenient way of recording it?

All the time. I may have a professional capture card yes, but it’s often not plugged at the times it’d be most useful to me. Add how it only works when the console is in TV mode, and you’ve got a situation where good stuff often gets missed.

Like say, that Breath of the Wild glitch I found near Death Mountain one time. I was playing through the game there, backed a horse up to a wall and ended up somehow falling through the floor to underneath Hyrule. It was very much video worthy.

Problem is, I hadn’t plugged in the capture card at the time, so I forgot to record it. Cue me having to guess what rock I’d clipped through when I finally got around to recording, and having no luck finding the right spot at all.

Heck, even after about three months, I still have no idea where I went out of bounds there. It’s become a video I desperately want to post on YouTube yet have no convenient way of making.

If that capture feature had existed back then, this would never have happened. I would have known exactly where to go and what to do, and gotten a good recording on my second attempt.

And that’s only use case the thing has. I’m sure many gamers have had those great moments where they simply didn’t have a recording device handy. Or wanted to showcase a tiny random clip of a game they were playing online.

So yeah, it’s a neat addition, and perhaps even a useful starting point for a full-fledged livestreaming option at a later date.

Go and check it out if you haven’t already!


Nintendo Switch Update Details (official site)