Star Fox 2 programmer unaware of game’s finished release

You might not know the name Dylan Cuthbert, owner of the Q-Gamers games studio, but back in the day he help program Star Fox for the SNES and it’s sequel Star Fox 2 that never saw release due to the power house of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn entering the market and upping the quality of 3D graphics. You would think Nintendo would have him come and finish Star Fox 2 for the Mini SNES release, but nope, he was surprised as everyone else when the news first broke. With some interviews at some other websites, Cuthbery is quoted saying:


“It made my day,” Cuthbert said being pleased that Star Fox 2 is finally getting an official release, adding, “It’s bloody awesome!”

“I mean, I had completely given up on the chance that it might come out. I spent two years of hard work making it and loved every minute. Finally people get to see all the little cool tweaks and things, all the touches and special ideas we threw in there. This game had so much experimentation at the start and that really shows in some of the encounters you’ll come across.”


We hope that whoever was brought on to finish the game will do it in the same spirit that Cuthbert had envisioned for the game. In the meantime, it will be a cut throat battle to get your hands on a mini SNES without paying high prices on one. Let us know on the Gaming Latest forums about your thoughts on Star Fox 2 or your plans for a mini SNES.



July PSN Plus Games

A new month is nearly upon us (which with the next update the college students will start to be crying) and as such Sony is releasing a bunch of free games for PS+ subscribers. Here is a list of games you can get pending on the devices you own:

 PlayStation 4:

  • Until Dawn
  • All six episodes of Telltale’s Game of Thrones

 PlayStation 3:

  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection

 PlayStation Vita:

  • Element4l
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (Cross Buy on PS4)


Nintendo Will Produce ‘Significantly More’ SNES Classic Editions than NES Ones

As many Nintendo fans know, it wasn’t easy finding a NES Classic Edition. With very little stock available in stores and scalpers trying to profit off them everywhere, getting one of these little boxes was basically impossible in many areas.

Fortunately though, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the SNES Classic. Why? Because Nintendo have listened to your pleas and are trying to avoid shortages this time around!

Indeed, as mentioned in a statement to IGN, a Nintendo representative said that the company will “will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition”.

So if you missed out the last time… well there’s no need to worry now. You probably won’t be stuck queueing for hours to get one. Or desperately battling all those scalpers trying to make a killing from the things on eBay.

It’s good news all round.

But hey, what do you think? Are you happy Nintendo is making these devices easier to get a hold of?

Or are you remaining skeptical until they actually prove it? Post your thoughts here or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Nintendo Will Produce ‘Significantly More’ SNES Classic Editions Than NES Classic (IGN)

Capcom Removes The Great Ace Attorney Sub Videos from YouTube

For the most part, Capcom has been pretty good when it comes to fan projects. They haven’t taken down any fan games, like those based on the Mega Man series. Stories of fan animations and movies being removed based on their games are pretty rare.

And heck, sometimes they even make fan works official! Like how Mega Man vs Street Fighter became an official Capcom product!

Which is why its all the more surprising they’ve taken down some videos about the Great Ace Attorney. Even more surprisingly, these don’t show a hack or mod either.

Nope, these are merely dubs of the game. Because as you may not know, The Great Ace Attorney (or Dai Gyuakuten Saiban to give it its Japanese name) was not released in English.

So instead, the fans improvised. They posted videos of the Japanese game, then subtitled them instead. It’s not a great way to experience the story (since it’s non interactive). But it’s a way none the less.

However, it seems someone at Capcom disliked this. The result? Pretty much every single video on the DSG Subs video on YouTube was taken down. Like, sent an actual copyright strike taken down.

Here’s a picture showing the channel’s videos list confirming it:

Great Ace Attorney Dub takedown

As you can tell, the videos are definitely gone.

And that’s crazy. It’s pretty much annihilating a whole fan YouTube channel for no real reason at all. Like if say, Nintendo took down a Japanese Pokémon video with English translations provided.

Money doesn’t have anything to do with this either. The guys behind the translations made no money off their work. The only thing they did was post videos to let English speakers understand what was going on, for free.

It’s a baffling decision by the company. But the story gets stranger still.

Why? Because according to the Reddit post about the matter, the claims were manually filed by a specific Capcom employee. Namely, Hiroshi Yasuda, an 85 year old member of Capcom’s board of directors. Somehow, this one guy on Capcom’s board has looked for videos about a certain game and struck them down.

So something weird is going on here. Somehow, Capcom (or at least a high ranking employee there) is so angry about English fans enjoying a subtitled playthrough they decided to strike down a whole YouTube series about it. Heck, two in fact.

Or are they?

Because maybe I’m being a bit naïve here, but something strikes me as off about this story. I mean, a large Japanese company randomly striking down videos online?

I can see that happening with the English branch for a fan game. Or maybe by any branch of the company if the video was telling you where to download ROMs for the game.

But with text translations of a game? Heck, you don’t even usually see companies take down ROM hack translations. Why would they go after subtitled videos?

It just seems very out of character for a company like Capcom. Kind of like the type of thing an internet troll might do if they were bored.

Either way though, the Great Ace Attorney translation project has taken quite a hit from it, and said they’ll be moving to other websites. So what do you think?
Have Capcom lost their mind and started going after YouTube translations of games?

Or is something a bit more suspicious going on here?


DGS Subs: What’s Next (Reddit)

Nintendo Announces the SNES Classic!

Well, it’s been rumoured for a while now. There have been articles about it. There have been comments from Gamestop managers. Heck, just about everyone with connections in the industry has been going on about the rumoured SNES Classic for months.

But now it’s finally happened. Nintendo has announced the SNES Classic! Here’s their post about it on Twitter:

As well as their page on their official site. So here are all the games included:

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Super Mario Kart
  3. F-Zero
  4. Super Metroid
  5. The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
  6. Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  7. Super Punch-Out
  8. Super Castlevania IV
  9. Donkey Kong Country
  10. Mega Man X
  11. Kirby Super Star
  12. Final Fantasy III (6 for those of outside of America)
  13. Kirby’s Dream Course
  14. Star Fox
  15. Yoshi’s Island
  16. Super Mario RPG
  17. Contra 3 The Alien Wars
  18. Secret of Mana
  19. Earthbound
  20. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Well okay, except one. Namely, the most interesting one of the bunch.

Star Fox 2 is included here as well! Yep, Nintendo is actually releasing Star Fox 2. The game is finally leaving development hell after more than twenty years!

That makes for a really impressive line up. There are lots of great games people recognise, a few third party classics mixed in and even a previously unfinished game Nintendo never officially released in the past. That’s incredible for a SNES Classic selection.

Yet at the same time, I can’t help to be a little disappointed in one choice. Namely, where the hell is Chrono Trigger here?

I mean okay, we’ve got the other well known classic RPG from the SNES era (Final Fantasy 3/6). But Chrono Trigger is significantly more popular than Secret of Mana, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Kirby’s Dream Course.

So why isn’t it present? Did Nintendo not manage to get the rights in time?

It’s a really curious exclusion to be honest. They got Square Enix on board, yet didn’t get this title?

That makes you wonder what was happening behind the scenes.

But hey, let’s be positive here. Chrono Trigger aside, this one of the most solid SNES game lineups you can imagine. And given they were willing to bring Star Fox 2 out of obscurity just for this purpose, it’s hard to really fault Nintendo too much here.

Either way, the SNES Classic launches on September 29th 2017, with more information on where to buy it being available soon.

So what do you think? Are you impressed by the system? Does it live up to the NES Classic in terms of games?

Or are you still struggling to get over the absence of Chrono Trigger here?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!


SNES Classic Official Website