You can call for fish in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Give one whistle sound in Zelda, Breath of the Wild and your trusty horse shall soon gallop to your side (given that you’re near enough and not someplace hard to reach) but did you know you can whistle for fish as well? Sure the way of fishing for them can be calming and relaxing but sometimes you just need to get them in a hurry as Redditor Charlieboy95 discovered that you can simply whistle them to the beach if you set up Link in the right way as shown below:

The main thing to pull this off is someplace to stand on in the water to do the whistle command and then someplace for the fish to get beached at.


So have you done this? Know of another way to get easy prey in Breath of the Wild? If so let us know below or on the Gaming Latest forums.



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3 years ago

Oh hey, I saw this trick too. Its a pretty cool detail, and one I was planning on writing about myself. Given how long I’ve played Breath of the Wild, I’m surprised I didn’t come across it yet.

Thanks for posting about it Demon Skeith!