Super Mario UniMaker; A Fan Made Mario Maker Alternative?

Super Mario UniMaker; A Fan Made Mario Maker Alternative?

Attempts at remaking Super Mario Maker as a PC game are not a new thing. Whether it’s the infamous ‘Super Mario Remaker’ that was released a few months back or Super Fangame Maker a bit before that, the fan game community loves cloning Nintendo’s Wii U classic. But now there’s a third option. So here’s Super Mario UniMaker:

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Made by Youtuber and fan game dev Mario Silva, the game is… actually pretty good. It’s got more themes than the official game. There are enemies like Chargin’ Chucks and Rexes. Heck, there’s a Course World equivalent, and extra power ups like the Blue Shell! Add some nice original graphics, and it goes much further than most Mario Maker clones ever did.

Here’s the official forum for the game, where the download can be found:

Super Mario UniMaker/2D Universe Forum

However, based on Nintendo’s track record here, I’m not particularly optimistic about the future of this game. After all, Super Mario Remaker got blasted off the internet about a day after it hit the front pages of gaming news sites. And heck, Super Fangame Maker went the same way, despite not getting any publicity at all.

So for now… let’s keep it a bit more quiet, okay? Cause if this thing hits the front page of IGN or Kotaku or gets played by pewdiepie, it’s inevitably gonna get screwed by Nintendo’s legal team.

But what do you think about the game? Is this ‘Super Mario UniMaker’ game rather impressive for a free Mario Maker fangame? And have you made any levels in it?