September 2019 Nintendo Direct – Our Liveblog

Nintendo Direct September 2019

Well, it’s that time of year ago. Tonight at 11pm Nintendo will host an all new Nintendo Direct, complete with 40 minutes of information about games such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s going to be amazing tonight, especially given how many new games the company could be about to reveal for the next few months or so.

And so like with every other Nintendo Direct that’s aired since we launched Gaming Reinvented, we’ll be liveblogging about all of it. From Luigi’s Mansion 3 to Pokemon, Mario to Super Smash Bros, everything Nintendo shows will be covered and commented on right as it happens.

So check out the presentations below (from each regional Nintendo subsidiary)

Nintendo of America’s Nintendo Direct Presentation:

Nintendo UK’s Nintendo Direct Presentation:

Nintendo Co Ltd (Japan)’s Nintendo Direct Presentation:

Then scroll down to see our thoughts on them when the clock hits 11pm tonight. It’s time to see what 2019 and 2020 really bring for Nintendo and the Switch!


Mixed thoughts as well, Smash's more DLC characters is most likely the highest point of this Direct. Right now they don't have much planned for 2020? hopefully the next Direct fills the void.

Bye for now though!

Still hope we get a Wario game on Switch soon

Overall, mixed thoughts. Smash Bros stuff was great, Luigi's Mansion 3 stuff was quite nice, and some other announcements were good too, but I expected a few more big Nintendo games.

Like I said, everyone gets a definitive edition

Comes in 2020 though

Oh, just Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Kind of expected a new game

Looks like a new Xenoblade game

Either way, comes March 2020

Animal Crossing can't be the last one shown

Feels like there's one more big game to announce though

Find it a bit funny how you can literally move trees around

Phew, Nook Miles are based on in game missions, not pay to win stuff

Or maybe Minecraft to be honest

Hah, a smartphone is your main interface here. And you can craft things with it. Getting a few minor Breath of the Wild vibes here.

Oh hey, they're showing an in universe promotional video. Reminds me of the Mario Sunshine intro

but this Direct is becoming lackluster.

You're not that fast to list them :P

Animal Crossing New Horizons left. Who said this wouldn't be in the Direct again?

It's the quick reel now. Not gonna list them all down

Witcher 3 got shown off a bit more too. With all DLC included

Dauntless now, which looks... okay I guess.

Assassins's Creed Rebel Collection. Neat enough

Comes September 24th

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 returns

Daemon X Machina gets a new demo. Okay

Comes out November 8th

Stuff about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games now. Not hugely interested in these games now though.

Comes tomorrow

Missions and more paid DLC are coming too

Ultimate Tetris 99 mode is added to. Has you go against the best players, ala Elite Smash

A SNES style controller will be released to use with it too

Game selection is okay, though no Donkey Kong Country 1-3 is weird

What a good list of SNES games, ages since I last played breath of fire.

Overdue, but this is great to see.

Oh hey, SNES games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Still no National Dex. Meh

Can spit out food as gulp missile

They need to stop making new pokemon.

Cramorant. Flying/Water type with huge appetite

Polteageist. Oh hey, tea kettle ghost

Cooking now, with Curry on Rice (yes really). Apparently how it turns out depends on the berries used and the effort put in. 100 types too, registered in the curry dex?

Pokemon Camp. You can play with your Pokemon here, which will make them better in battle. You can visit other player camps too, presumably a bit like the Secret Bases

Change your hairstyle too. Or put on makeup

Character customisation is back, as expected

4 features apparently

Pokemon Sword and Shield are next.

Not sure what to think about this one though. Looks a tad generic to me.

New game called Rogue Company now

Coming November 22nd 2019

Doom 64 is being rereleased. Unexpected to say the least.

Divinity 2 Original Sin Definitive Edition

Oh hey, this next game has Steam/Switch cross saves. Neat

The original launches on eShop as origins after presentation

So many definitive editions of late.

Love how dramatic the setup is though

Deadly Premonition 2 is the next game. Okay then

Deadly Premonition 2 is the next game. Okay then

Deadly Premonition 2 is the next game. Okay then

Seems kinda weird as a setup to be honest though.

This FE tokyo game is really fun to play!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore now

Dragon Quest 11 S now. Love how they advertise it based on Hero's Smash Bros appearance!

Comes out September 20th 2019

Looks good, but maybe not my thing

Onto the Link's Awakening remake now

Oh hey, more DLC fighters are in development. Other new fighters outside of the fighters pass are in development.

The more DLC characters was better than the reveal.

Coming November 2019

Smash Bros X Fatal Fury

Yep, Terry is a new playable character

Nice retro sprite setup

Oh hey the SNK rumours were right

New challenger trailer

Banjo info now. Comes out after the Direct today. Yay!

Neat to see Toby Fox did the soundtrack though

Little Town Hero by Game Freak now. Aka the game they focus on more than Pokemon

This ship game seems inspired by Batman arkham games.

Return of the Obra Dinn now. Interesting setup and art style. Seems to have a Ghost Trick esque setup

Comes Apri 24th 2020

Nice to know Seiken Densetsu... Trial of Mana's unique story setup is retained

Nice to know Seiken Densetsu... Trial of Mana's unique story setup is retained

They need to keep mobile practices off of Switch.

Info on Trials of Mana's remake now. Neat

Oh hey, classic villains are in. Like Nightmare

Bit worried about the free to start thing though.

New free to start Kirby game. Super Kirby Clash

Battle to defeat most ghosts, break targets, collect coins neat.

Scream Park now. Luigi and Gooigi team

Disco floors, pirate floors, etc

An Egyptian pyramid with mummies

Luigi's Mansion 3 now

Coming October 15th

Seems like a good game to have on the console regardless.

Overwatch coming to the Switch, really need to play it.

Seems like Overwatch on Switch to me. Leaked already though.

And it begins

And it starts!

Forget it, that'll come later, when the Direct isn't less than 2 minutes away.

Wait... I need to fix that time zone thing I think

It's beginning soon!

comes up as CM30 but not D_S?

Let's see, this on?

40 minutes now remains...

Another test

Just testing this works for tonight.

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