Pokemon X and Y ‘Pokemon Editor’ Released, Hacking Draws Ever Closer

Just a few days ago on Nintendo 3DS Daily, we wrote an article about how Pokemon X and Y hacking wasn’t too far off due to the format of the Pokemon files being dissassembled and documentation now being available online to tell you what things to change to edit a Pokemon’s attributes.

However, now it seems the same community has gone even further, and released a basic tool to edit Pokemon files for Pokemon X and Y!  Find out more in the full article!

Here’s the basic editor for PKX files.  Released by an individual called codemonkey85 on GBAtemp, it lets you edit a whole bunch of basic things about a Pokemon X and Y creature by editing its files, like its IVs, EVs, experience, level, Pokedex ID and more.

PKX Editor

You can then apparently intercept the data sent from the 3DS and the PC to insert the custom code generated via the above, and hence get the edited Pokemon sent to Pokemon X and Y.

All in all, it looks like the days of no hacked Pokemon in the series are coming to an end, and that sometime in the next few days or weeks we should start seeing some actual hacked Pokemon ‘transferred’ in generation 6.   Still, at least we might get to see what the three hidden event legendaries look like thanks to the tools being able to edit the National Pokedex ID.

What do you think?  Does this news worry you?  Will hacked Pokemon soon become as common in generation 6 as they were before, especially when people figure out how to hack other things like stats and abilities?



62 thoughts on “Pokemon X and Y ‘Pokemon Editor’ Released, Hacking Draws Ever Closer”

    1. You can get max IVs and EVs without having to cheat at all, and online battles do integrity checks to make sure that every Pokemon is carrying legal abilities.

      1. Yeah 🙂 Thank god for online filters. That’s what I liked about Black and White, nobody could cheat online with No Guard Guillotine.

        1. you could use a pokegenerator to create a legal pokemon but still give it max iv and max ev(510) and use it in online battles


        1. So just because not everyone else shares the same want to either go back and grind to get their favorite old pokemon back or wait for pokebank to get a confirmed release date they are terrible people and you are so much better. Get off your high horse it’s a videogame and this literally causes no problem to anyone and does not hurt Nintendo at all either.

      1. Calm down sissy pants, not everyone enters the tournaments. Now go ask your mommy to make you a PB&J.

    2. Look, it’s just not worth spending all my time leveling up the perfect team of 6. This will be used for competitive players to easily obtain the best Pokemon. These Pokemon wont break the rules, they’ll just save everyone some much needed time. Battles should be decided via who can play the best, not who has the most free time to grind for ev’s and natures.

      1. i agree 100 plus hours just to get the desired IVs ability and moves is just ridiculous but congrats on the guy/girl who has the patience to pull it off

        1. If you actually know the fuck your doing it takes 20-60 MINUTES to get a 6IV pokemon. 1-4 Hours for a 6IV Shiny. I have 999 Hours on my game. I know about time.

    3. you seriously just played a pokemon game that teaches you to respect other people’s views. i’m planning on hacking if nintendo doesn’t fix the save file pokemon bank broke (620 pokemon in my dex plus the ones from black and white 2. i had only 25 legendaries to go!)

  1. Fuck, Now we need to wait another patch, this is why we cannot have nice things…
    and why they do this shit, macking competitives pokemon is a lot easier than before…
    dams, I´m mad, I’m freacking mad!

    1. i dont think there will be a patch to stop this due to the fact that a lot of pokegenerated pokemon are usually legal

  2. this tool is generally useless at the moment. and nintendo has been on their toes when it comes to hacking with the 3ds/ pokemon x and y in general. i feel hacking wont be around very much this generation.. if at all. hope is far from completely lost for the peeps who actually put in the time to raise good pokemon.

    1. yeah but once the poke bank is out you can hack a pokemon send to gen 5 and then send to the poke bank where you can remove it and use it in gen 6 although this idea wouldn’t work for any gen 6 pokemon but i am sure hackers will find a way around. I also agree with whoever said it just saves time. Everything about them is 100% legal if evs ivs and ability is legal then why not use it as a time saver

        1. and there are easy ways to get around that. as long as the pokemon is “legit”, it can still be hacked in

        2. not legal hacked pokemon plus the poeple in japan that got the bank for that short moment def moved some hacked pokemon over

      1. Legal? Sure, if hacking yourself a pokemon that would only appear 1/100,000 encounters is legal. It’s the equivalent of stealing the lottery prize, because you -could- win if you bought enough tickets/played it enough.

        There’s a reason GameFreak doesn’t pander to the competitive pokemon community. They don’t play the game in the spirit of the game. The game itself is about raising and breeding, not just hacking yourself a perfect team and owning everyone who actually played. Where’s the competition/fun in that?

        1. The “hacking yourself a pokemon that would only appear 1/100,000 encounters” part is so wrong – who doesn’t like to save themselves time and effort? I mean, if we didn’t like to save time and effort, then what was the point of mass-producing cars, food, clothes, etc.? As long as the program is used responsibly, then there will be no major difference between a “hacked” Pokémon and a “legit” one, apart from the amount of time and effort used to obtain them.

          Also, the “competition/fun” is that a LOT of competitive battlers would also do things the same way, and current battlers are doing it the “legit” way. Both sides would be evenly matched when it comes to stats and stuff, and thus you couldn’t “own” everyone who “actually played”. Your post makes ZERO sense whatsoever.

          1. Because people want to feel rewarded for their effort. They try very hard to get a pokemon, when a hacker just hacks one in without any effort.The hacker did not deserve the pokemon. If you want to be evenly matched with someone, you can put in the same amount of effort that the other player put in. If you are too lazy to put in the effort to get that pokemon in the first place, then it is your fault.

          2. View it like this you spend forever carving a good chess piece but you suck at actually playing chess . Now someone else buys a chess peace and is good at Hess but your passed off because they didn’t make the chess piece , your not better then someone else simply because your opportunity was better then theirs . Most people who generate polemic due it to get their favorite pokemon back , not to mention Nintendo’s , quote unquote legal ,solution is still on hold with no confirmed date due to server issues . Get off your high horse it’s a video game if people have fun this way for something they paid for so be it .

        2. The game is for breeding ? Let’s go back to yellow , red and blue. How much of that was speeding hours breeding ? Thought so, seriously breeders have only become a major populace in the last few gens. And cool for you , if spending 100 plus hours to generTe a perfect stat pokemon , not to mention time to level it to max, is your cup of tee good for you. But not everyone has that time or want to spend their time that way , it’s not like it’s piracy. To boot Nintendo has filters to keep unregistered polemic out of online and competitive modes so please tell me how someone increasing their enjoymentTfor themselves alone in a game is so wrong.

  3. They hacked this game but not monster hunter 3? Please someone make an editor for monster hunter cause I have no one to play it with thus making it harder for me to hunt!

  4. Well…. I’m a hacker and in a way its good and bad. Its good because well some people just want to fill up the whole pokedex which is the reason why I became a hacker. But, there ARE more bad things than good… like the whole GTS thing? Listen, I’m a hacker, but just to fill the whole pokedex. But I never actually battled or used those hacked pokemon, I only either catch them, get the pokedex, release them. If event hacked pokemon, I keep them but I don’t battle with them and I use them FOR the event. I mean, I’m super close to finding the hack for celebi on pokemon x and y, but just for the pokedex!! But like I said, there are more bad things than good…. And don’t jump on me haters just cause I’m a hacker I’m just putting what I think.

    1. really the only bad is when players abuse it to make monster pokemon but even that is no big deal cause you cant use non legal pokemon online so honestly its just a plus to players competitive or not

  5. GOOD! I want this thing to come out, or something like it, at least only to get Gen VI Pokémon with Hidden Abilities and max IVs. Friend Safari was a good idea in theory, but in practice…ugh. Sure, it *might* work if you’ve got a literal butt-load of Pokémon-savvy friends with 3DSes and Pokémon X/Y, but the vast majority of us need to go to sites like Reddit and Neoseeker, etc, and hope that we get added to a total stranger’s friend list.
    Through the “barter method”, I’ve only gotten 1 Gen VI Pokémon with a Hidden Ability thus far. Just ONE. If a PokéGen-esc program does get released, it’ll save me a LOT of time and effort, which is good, as the Friend Safari is just total bullsh*t. Of course, any and all Pokémon I ever make are 100% legit – they come from the right place and the right level, and in the correct Poké Ball. They also know only legit moves and have legit Abilities.
    A PokéGen-esc program would also help with Hidden Power IVs, as even though it was nerfed to only 60 Base Power, it’s still a very useful move, and pretty damn hard to get any other way.

  6. I personally think that cheating is ok as long as people don’t slowly merge the way they cheat in to the illegal zone.

  7. The sad thing about this is that the GTS is filled with people wanting legendaries for their level 1 bulbasaur (I checked), and the Wonder Trade is just a bunch of Fletchlings and Caterpies so the only way to get a decent Pokémon with hidden abilities and good IV’s is to hack them in. Especially for me, since I have no clue what a perfect IV is or how to get it through breeding and when I try to get a F.E.A.R. pokemon without cheating, it hatched with tackle and growl. This is the main reason why people are still hacking. The online battle checks block illegal attacks and abilities so competitive battling isn’t spammed with Level 100 pokemon that know Dark Void and have Wonder Guard. We just want an easier way to breed perfect IV pokemon and fill up the pokedex without trading out Xernias or Yveltol for a Cyndaquil or Scizor.

  8. I cheat only to get pokemon to breed and train them. I never cheat on online using op pokemon. Found too many jp pokemon that is over the base stats but that is not fair. Only let people just to breed. I don’t have certain pokemon so I cheat and breed only. No point using cheat pokemon but only use breed pokemon. P.s. i always hate jp because they cheat a lot on white 2 using one-hit kill cheat

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  10. will somebody that knows how to do this kindly help me plz… i need a manaphy, mew, shaymin, and moletta. i don’t have much i’m just asking as a favor :/ i’d like to complete my pokedex…

    1. i have a couple of each lmk if intersted the only legendarys i dont have multiplies of are X/Y games

  11. I hack out of boredom as I have raised almost all pokemon already. Its like my facination with glitches in Sonic Adventure it enhances the fun.

  12. Does anyone have a link to this? I don’t use cheat pokemon to battle just for breeding mostly.

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