Pokemon Reorchestrated Youtube Channel Has Been Terminated

Well, this sucks for anyone wanting to listen to orchestral covers for Pokemon music. Due to an earlier series of copyright claims by the Pokemon Company International, the Youtube channel for the Pokemon Reorchestrated project has been shut down on Youtube, taking all the videos with it. The first two of these strikes were sent on February 1st in regards to the Kanto symphony pieces (perhaps due to gen 1 hype being at an all time high thanks to the rerelease of the original games on Virtual Console and the franchise anniversary), the last one was sent on February 16th.

Kanto Symphony

Above: The Kanto Symphony videos were the first to be hit by copyright strikes

Here’s the tweet confirming it via the Pokemon Reorchestrated Twitter account:

What’s stranger here however is that this isn’t a completely unofficial project. Instead, the people behind Pokemon Reorchestrated apparently have a license from the company to use this music, and pay royalty fees for the songs through their distributor Loudr. The songs are also still available to download through other channels, like their official website. Rumour has it that the contract only allows for distribution via physical CDs and MP3 downloads rather than Youtube videos (or something else as equally pedantic), but we can’t find any confirmation for that outside of various third party tweets and forum comments.

So you’ve got a fan project that’s beloved for thousands of people and even has the rights to use said music getting their channel taken down thanks to copyright strikes on Youtube’s broken platform. That’s pretty messed up if you ask us, and perhaps another example of the Pokemon Company’s attitude towards fan projects getting worse and worse in recent years.

What do you think of the Pokemon Reorchestrated channel being removed from Youtube?


Pokemon Reorchestrated Youtube Channel Taken Down – Bulbanews


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