February 2019 Nintendo Direct Liveblog

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Well, you know the drill by now. It’s another Nintendo Direct, so we’re live blogging everything announced there. As per usual, here are the stream embeds if you want to watch it along with us, courtesy of Nintendo of America:

Watch live video from Nintendo on www.twitch.tv

Nintendo UK:

[Removed by the company after broadcast]

And Nintendo Co Ltd (Japan):



Though I regret looking at the live chat for this. YouTube chats are downright insane, and filled with the worst idiots known to man.

Guess that's it for the Nintendo Direct today. Aw, was kinda expecting Animal Crossing or Luigi's Mansion 3.

And it's apparently out this year. Holy crap.

Yep, getting a Link Between Worlds esque remake on Switch. Neat.

Is that Link's Awakening?

Is that Link's Awakening?

They've now confirmed Bayonetta 3 is deep in development too.

So Astral Chain is coming in August. Seems interesting enough.

Final Fantasy IX on Switch after presentation.

March 26th for Final Fantasy 7 on Switch.

Assassin's Creed Remastered in March. Okay, but we need the newer games.

Unravel 2 in March.

Mortal Kombat 11 coming April

Another Spring game.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice next. Interesting idea I guess.

GRID Autosport is coming to Switch. Good for fans of realistic racing games.

Coming Summer 2019 apparently.

Daemon X Machina? Oh hey, prediction 3 was correct!

Chapter 1 coming February 28th for free.

Deltarune coming to Switch now.

Dead by Daylight looks pretty generic.

Tetris 99 is apparently free for Nintendo Switch Online members.

99 player Tetris? Okay...

Coming July 26th.

Jeez, these in universe schools are brutal. Guiding students into battle? Damn.

Having the main character be a teacher in an academy with houses is a neat twist though.

Loads of details on this, though it's not exactly a game I'm super excited for.

Onto Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Have to be honest, still split on this. Costumes are neat, but it seems to be too nostalgia driven.

Yoshi's Crafted World stuff now. Prediction 2 is correct.

Lost Souls becoming monsters? Isn't that the plot for Smash Bros Ultimate's World of Light mode?

Other Star Fox team members are playable too.

Star Wolf's other lieutenants are coming to Starlink Battle for Atlas. Neat.

Dragon Quest 11 S Definite Edition coming to Switch this Autumn

And it contains orchestrated music? Neat, guess that composer guy is less picky now.

Still, this Dragon Quest game lets you switch between the modern and 2D 8-bit version?

A hint towards Erdrick in Smash Bros?

Dragon Quest stuff now.

Some info about Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

Oh come on, Wingo has a twin now?

Paid DLC is coming with 18 new challenges in new areas.

Captain Toad is getting two player co-op mode for free.

So version 3.0 of Smash Bros Ultimate is coming before April, complete with Joker as DLC.

Boxboy now. Okay.

But the Mario Maker stuff was nuts.

More stuff now. Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Switch.

Mario 3D World theme!

Okay, this looks great. Desert and ice themes, Angry Sun!

Super Mario Maker on Switch, now with slopes! Called it!

Seems a tad late today...


Well, let's begin I suppose.

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